Pig Butchering, BEC, and More: Cybercrime Predictions for 2024

Discover the alarming $10 billion cybercrime losses in 2022, fueled by investment fraud and BEC, and hear predictions for the FBI's 2023 numbers from the Secret Service.
Pig Butchering, BEC, and More: Cybercrime Predictions for 2024

Cybercrime losses reached more than $10 billion in 2022 and that number is unlikely to go down anytime soon. With investment fraud leading the way and business email compromise not far behind, the numbers are staggering… and AI will only make them worse. So what does this mean for the 2023 numbers, coming soon from the FBI? The Secret Service gives their predictions here!

Watch this on-demand webinar from Vision 2024 to learn:

  • How BEC has changed (and become much more sophisticated) in recent years

  • Why investment fraud is currently leading the charge in cybercrime losses

  • What AI will do to these numbers—and why it’s not looking good in the short term

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Mick Leach

Abnormal Security

Stephen Dougherty

Financial Fraud Investigator

U.S. Secret Service

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