Stop Lateral Phishing Attacks

Find and block lateral phishing attacks emanating from compromised internal accounts.
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Internal Attacks Evade Visibility

Lateral phishing, or internal spearphishing, attacks are malicious emails sent from a compromised user to another internal employee, encouraging them to send money or provide access to sensitive data. Secure email gateways often fail to detect these attacks because they have limited visibility into internal email traffic or compromised user accounts.

How Abnormal Stops Internal Attacks

  1. Inspects all internal messages with visibility offered by the API architecture.
  2. Understands business context using human behavior AI to analyze communication patterns like reporting relationships, message history, and frequency.
  3. Reviews email content to detect malicious links, even when phishing pages are behind redirects.

An AI-Native Approach to Stopping Lateral Phishing

  1. Inspects and analyzes messages that traditional solutions cannot see.
  2. Learns typical message content using behavioral AI to flag anomalous URLs and suspicious tones.
  3. Remediates internal-to-internal attacks automatically using the API integration, hiding them before employees can engage.

Abnormal Benefits of Stopping Lateral Phishing

Prevents lateral movement of attackers in your environment.
Secures employee credentials across all connected applications.
Protects sensitive data, including financial and customer information.
We saw emails impersonating clients with fraudulent invoices seeking payment. We saw credential phishing emails impersonating our CEO and service providers like DocuSign. We needed to stop these threats and to confidently recognize those emails coming from legitimate senders.”
— Amy Grisham, Director of IT Governance and Compliance, Everise

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