Our Unique Behavioral AI Approach

Discover a fundamentally different approach to cloud email security.
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Learns the Behavior of Every Identity

  • Ingests thousands of diverse signals derived from API integration with your cloud email platform in order to build profiles of every identity and entity in your environment.
  • Learns the normal behavior of every employee based on sign-in patterns, location, VIP status, devices and browsers used, and more.
  • Uncovers the normal behavior of every vendor in the supply chain, compiling attributes like bank information, invoicing software and cadence, and key contacts.
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Understands the Context of Relationships

  • Monitors internal and external email traffic, as well as configuration and privilege changes, across vendors, users, applications, and email tenants.
  • Continuously analyzes how identities behave in relationship to one another by analyzing signals such as communication frequency, topic, and tone, and develops relationship graphs amongst them.
  • Builds profiles of every identity, application, and tenant in your cloud email environment and organizes them into searchable Knowledge Bases.
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Assesses the Risk of Every Event

  • Correlates behavioral identity learnings with tens of thousands of context signals to identify anomalies with high precision.
  • Assesses the risk of every individual email message based on content analysis with advanced NLP/NLU models.
  • Provides direct visibility into critical risks created by the integration of unauthorized or unverified third-party apps, privilege escalation, and others to holistically protect the cloud email platform.
  • Integrates the federated risk signals from account takeovers directly into the AI-based anomaly detection engine.
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Protect your organization from socially-engineered email attacks that target human behavior.
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