Prevent the Attacks That Matter Most

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Modern threats have evolved to bypass traditional email security. A new approach is needed.

Abnormal Security precisely blocks the attacks that matter most.

Discover how you can:

  • Stop the socially-engineered attacks that other solutions miss.

  • Detect and disable compromised internal accounts.

  • Automate your SOC workflows and save time.

  • Improve employee productivity and email experience.

Get a personalized demo to see why organizations worldwide have chosen an abnormal approach to email security.

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What You’ll See in the Abnormal Demo

Abnormal security portal demo

Stop Advanced Attacks

Business email compromise accounts for $2.1 billion in losses each year. Just one compromised account could lead to a breach. Abnormal blocks these attacks before they reach your end users.

Simplify Your Security Stack

Simplify Your Security Stack

When combined with the native email security present in Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, Abnormal can replace the functionality of the secure email gateway to stop all attacks. Or, if you’d prefer to keep your existing infrastructure, Abnormal can augment your existing secure email gateway to stop the attacks bypassing it.

Abnormal security email account takeover remediation demo

Remediate Compromised Accounts

Abnormal precisely builds a profile of every individual employee and external vendor to identify anomalous actions that can indicate account takeovers. When an account appears compromised, the platform automatically disables the account, signs out of all active sessions, and resets the password.

Abnormal security soc workflow dashboard

Streamline Your Reporting and SOC Workflows

The Abnormal portal provides centralized metrics from Microsoft, Google, and various integrations, giving you actionable insights and SOC automation. See the dashboards, with no administration, configuration, or policies needed.

Install in Minutes with the API Integration

Install in Minutes with the API Integration

It’s easy to implement Abnormal with our one-click, one minute API integration—no interruption to mail flow or changes to MX records required. We’ll show you how.

Why Abnormal Security?

Abnormal offers the highest-precision protection from the attacks that matter most, with the highest efficacy. Our demo showcases how Abnormal differentiates from current security technologies that were never designed to prevent these attacks. Request a demo now, it’s free, fast, and the easiest way to see the next phase of email security.

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