Uniform Cross-Platform Defense

Prevent attacks across interconnected cloud applications with an API-based, AI-native platform.

Modern Attacks Extend Beyond Inbound Email Attacks

Account Takeovers

Cloud email accounts are targeted by attackers as the entry point for all connected cloud accounts and data.

Messaging App Attacks

Attackers use messaging apps to spread malware and phish employees and vendors.

Unauthorized Third-Party Apps

Employees can add third-party applications to the email platform, inadvertently introducing security risks.

Extend Email Security to Stop Breaches

Unify Cloud Email Security

Abnormal eliminates the need for redundant SEGs, allowing customers to consolidate onto a single, comprehensive cloud email security platform. SEGs have not evolved to protect attack vectors beyond email—Abnormal helps replace them.
Secure Your Cloud Email

Stop Email Account Takeovers

Uncover compromised accounts with behavioral AI. Start with protecting email accounts, then extend protection across the cloud ecosystem, including collaboration applications—ensuring consistent cross-platform defense.
Stop Account Takeovers

Protect Collaboration Apps

See the risk of posture changes uniformly across your collaboration applications using Abnormal’s API architecture and AI-driven understanding. Gain visibility into shadow IT to eliminate gaps and prevent breaches. Abnormal analyzed nearly 1 million posture changes to surface risks for customers last year.
Protect Your Messaging Apps
Adversaries are changing from year to year and toolset to toolset, and we have to shift constantly as well. Our school of thought is if attackers now are using sophisticated techniques like AI, we should be using AI to combat them, and Abnormal delivers that for us.”
— Jeff McDonald, Senior Vice President of Technology Services at Vituity

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