Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study of Abnormal Security

Learn how investing in Abnormal Security can yield a 278% ROI within 3 years and help your organization avoid $4 million in losses from BEC.

Forrester Study Reveals 278% ROI with <6 Month Payback

“I couldn't unsee what I saw since launching Abnormal Security. It has captured 152,535 attacks in eight months, automatically, with no human involvement!”
—Global Technology Services Director, Commodities

As the economy shifts and budgets tighten, it’s more important than ever to showcase the value of the security tools you use to protect your organization.

Learn how investing in Abnormal Security can yield a 278% ROI within three years and help your organization avoid $4 million in losses from business email compromise. On top of that, Abnormal can save your SOC team 5,000 hours every year by automating email triage and investigation.

Want to see how? Download the Total Economic™ study to:

  • See how a composite organization saved millions of dollars by implementing Abnormal and stopped the sophisticated email attacks their existing solutions could not prevent.

  • Read testimonials from executives at four global enterprises about their experiences implementing Abnormal Security.

  • Learn about the business value and cost savings companies can realize by replacing their legacy secure email gateway with Abnormal Security.

Complete the form to see how you can get 278% ROI from Abnormal.

Disclaimer: This is a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Abnormal Security in January 2023 that evaluated the solution’s cost of ownership and return on investment across a variety of different factors. Using the real-world experiences of four global organizations, Forrester calculated the potential financial impact of deploying Abnormal.

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study of Abnormal Security

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Protect your organization from the full spectrum of email attacks with Abnormal.

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