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Abnormal Approach to Human Behavior Security

Today's email and cloud account breaches are rooted in tactics that exploit human behavior. Our mission is to protect humans with AI. How do we do it? Abnormal deeply understands human behavior to provide unprecedented protection against tactics that exploit it, such as phishing attacks, socially-engineered threats, and cloud account takeovers.
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Work Values that Actually Work

Abnormal’s values serve as the operating principles for every team member. From our CEO to our interns, we are all driven by the Abnormal VOICE Framework. At Abnormal, we are committed to finding new ways to solve old problems, disrupting the traditional paradigm of security and providing fresh ways to tackle hard problems. Our VOICE values are how we achieve this, together.
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Abnormal Leadership Team

The Abnormal leadership team is composed of visionaries with decades of AI and ML experience, dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Their careers span influential roles at companies like Google, Twitter, Amazon, Proofpoint, Okta, Salesforce, and Slack.
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Abnormal Awards

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Abnormal Beginnings

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Abnormal Customer Love

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The Abnormal Future

Using AI + ML to Enable Intelligent Trust

Abnormal Partnerships with Market Leaders

Abnormal partners with the best companies in cybersecurity, including Microsoft and CrowdStrike. With technology integrations and joint marketing strategies, Abnormal enables security teams to do more with their current tools.
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Abnormal Investors

Abnormal Intelligence

Abnormal Intelligence provides threat research that enables security teams to understand new trends in the email landscape. By uncovering the threat actors behind these attacks and the tactics they use, we can better predict shifts in their strategy.
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Abnormal Experience

Nothing exceptional was ever normal. The DNA of our company is built on challenging existing constraints to continuously innovate.  None of our work would be possible without the people who make up our team. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for impact and learning, and we'd love to have you join us!
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