Accelerated AI Automation

Maximize your time with an AI-powered email security platform.

Traditional Tools Drain Resources

Investigating Malicious Emails

Security teams spend 200+ hours per week configuring rules and triaging threats with traditional SEGs.

Responding to Email Reports

User-reported phishing is critical for security, but requires 35+ hours of manual work each week.

Sorting Graymail

Employees waste two days per year sorting graymail, and VIPs receive 3x more graymail than non-executives.

Automate Email Security with an AI-Native Platform

Streamline Security Operations

Free up analysts’ time by leveraging AI to automate email security management, understand expected user behavior, accurately remediate attacks, and surface risks across the cloud platform. Abnormal customers saved 13 million hours and $609 million in annual operating costs last year.
Optimize SOC Workflow

Automate User-Reported Emails

Abnormal automates the user-reported phishing process by applying AI to fully automate the user-reported email workflow, and correlates malicious reports with campaigns to remediate related emails across the organization. Conversational AI responses to reported emails help engage and delight employees with in-the-moment security training. On average, security teams spend 80% less time on user-reported phishing response with Abnormal.
Automate User-Reported Phishing

Boost Employee Productivity

Abnormal applies AI to each employee’s inbox, learning every user's graymail preferences to automatically sort mail based on a learned understanding, and removing the need for per-user safe and blocklist maintenance. Abnormal enterprise customers save an average of 475 employee hours per week by removing graymail from inboxes.
Maximize Workforce Efficiency
Our security team has gained 40 hours back each week to focus on more strategic projects. Having that time allows the incident response team to work on things like better tuning our SIEM, better detection capabilities across the organization, and better efficacy across all of our tooling.”
— Jeremy Smith, CISO at Avery Dennison

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