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People are overwhelmed by distracting promotional emails. Make your employees and executives more productive with an intelligent, adaptive approach to controlling graymail with the Email Productivity add-on to Abnormal Inbound Email Security.

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Graymail is a Drain on Productivity


Executives Bear the Brunt


Executives receive 230% more graymail than regular employees.


Employees Waste Time


Employees lose two business days per year sorting out external emails.


IT Teams are Overwhelmed


Users raise tickets with issues about deliverability, end user quarantines, and allowlist and blocklist management.



Legacy Solutions Can’t Manage Graymail Effectively


Graymail is defined as a form of email message from a legitimate sender with marketing language. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to manage at scale because graymail takes many different shapes and sizes and end users often wish to filter it differently. Legacy approaches push the problem downstream to employees by forcing them to use antiquated end user quarantine portals and daily spam digests, or upstream to IT to set endless custom policies.



Abnormal Inbound Email Security
with Email Productivity


Email Productivity utilizes advanced behavioral AI to keep time-wasting graymail out of employee inboxes. There’s no need for employees and messaging teams to manage filtering rules; instead, Abnormal self-learns user preferences and personalizes graymail control based on how they sort messages across their inbox and promotions folders.

By understanding folder moves, open rates, and other behavioral indicators, only Abnormal can keep graymail from wasting your time. Email Productivity offers insights on your organization's graymail open rates, most-targeted employees and executives, top graymail senders, and the productivity you're gaining from controlling time-wasting email.


How Abnormal Gets Time-Wasting Graymail Out of Your Way


Detects Graymail with High Precision


Abnormal inspects inbound emails and identifies graymail messages with high accuracy. Instead of relying on basic filtering rules and policies, it utilizes tens of thousands of signals from Microsoft 365 to build an organization-specific genome and behavioral profile.


Moves Graymail Out of Inboxes


When Abnormal categorizes a message as graymail, it instantly moves it out of an employee's inbox and into a specific Promotions folder. No daily digests or quarantine portals are needed and users never need to leave the native Microsoft 365 experience.


Self-Learns and Adapts to User Behavior


Recognizing that some employees may want to receive the emails that other employees do not, Abnormal learns the preference for each user, so you never need to create filtering rules or manage user safelists/blocklists again.


Offers Productivity Insights That No Other Email Solution Can


Only Abnormal offers your organization quantifiable insights on how graymail is impacting your users and their productivity. The dashboard shows trends in daily graymail volume, most targeted users/executives, and top graymail senders, plus the amount of time users are saving from seeing less graymail.


Legacy Approach to
Managing Graymail

  • Signature-based graymail detection
  • Bespoke definitions maintained by 
messaging teams
  • Manual end user quarantines
  • Spam digests
  • Detailed logs and reports
Legacy Approach Image

Graymail on

  • Identity, content, and behavior-based graymail detection
  • Adaptive graymail control automatically defined by end user behavior
  • Completely native end-user experience
  • Email productivity insights
Abnormals Unique Approach ill

Deployment Outcomes


Inbox Uncluttered


Reduction in inbox volume from filtering out graymail.


Executives Unburdened


Messages are kept out of executives' inboxes monthly.


Employees More Productive


Messages kept out of inboxes per employee per week.


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Enhance Inbound Email Security with Email Productivity

Completely eliminate risks and inefficiencies across the full spectrum of email, from the most advanced, never-before-seen attacks, to the challenge of time-wasting emails.


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