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Improve employee productivity and measure your time savings with adaptive graymail protection.
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Graymail is a Drain on Productivity

Executives Bear the Brunt

Executives receive nearly 3x more graymail than the average employee.

Employees Waste Time

Employees lose at least two business days per year sorting out external emails.

IT Teams are Overwhelmed

Users raise tickets about deliverability, end-user quarantines, and allowlist and blocklist management.

How Abnormal Gets Time-Wasting Graymail Out of Your Way

Detects Graymail with High Precision

Abnormal leverages AI to inspect inbound emails and identify graymail with high accuracy. Instead of relying on basic filtering rules, it uses tens of thousands of signals from your email tenant to build an organization-specific behavioral profile.

Moves Graymail Out of Inboxes

When Abnormal categorizes a message as graymail, it instantly moves it out of an employee's inbox and into a dedicated folder. No digests or quarantine portals are needed, and users never leave the native email experience.

Self-Learns and Adapts to User Behavior

Recognizing that some employees may want to receive the emails that other employees do not, Abnormal learns the preferences of each user. This means you never need to create filtering rules or manage user allowlists or blocklists again.

Offers Productivity Insights Across the Organization

Only Abnormal offers insights on how eliminating graymail positively impacts your users. The dashboard shows trends in daily volume, most targeted users/executives, and top graymail senders, plus the amount of time your employees are saving.

See How Email Productivity Works

Productivity Reporting

Provides top-level insights about the time your company is saving by eliminating graymail.

Detection and Remediation

Automatically identifies graymail and sorts it into an Abnormal-provided Promotions folder.

End-User Personalization

Allows employees to cater graymail protection to their preferences by moving emails across folders.
I receive hundreds of promotional emails. If I were to go through them all, it would probably take up to 30% of my time each day. The Email Productivity module allows our users to focus on more important business projects to meet our goals.”
— Tas Jalali, Head of Cybersecurity AC Transit

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