Brian Krebs on the Human Vulnerability - July 16

Go ahead, be human.

Abnormal AI keeps your email protected.

Get comprehensive email protection against attacks that exploit human behavior, including phishing, social engineering, and account takeovers, with a platform that deeply understands human behavior.
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The Problem

Email Attacks are the #1 Threat to Organizations Today

Humans are the biggest vulnerability to your organization, and email is how they're targeted.

Today's breaches exploit the inherent trust humans place in digital communications—primarily email, the most extensive and vulnerable communications channel. Targeted email attacks on employees pose the highest cybersecurity risk and can lead to data breaches or significant financial losses.
What's Making the Problem Worse

Modern Trends Worsen the Human Vulnerability

The way we work is changing, so the way attackers work is changing too.
Shift to Cloud Email
has created
New Attack Vectors
Attackers can now directly infiltrate email accounts by defeating authentication and exploiting misconfigurations.
Rise of Generative AI
has created
Hyper-Personalized Attacks
With ChatGPT and similar platforms, it’s now easier for even petty criminals to launch highly sophisticated and targeted attacks at scale.
Interconnected Cloud Ecosystem
has created
A Larger Impact of Breaches
Gaining access to email accounts gives attackers unconstrained access to all other connected cloud accounts and the data within them.
The Unique Way We Solve It

The Abnormal Human Behavior AI Platform

Abnormal takes a different approach to email security with our AI-native solution and API-based architecture.
Products You Will Love

Abnormal Products to Protect Your Humans

Achieve complete protection with products that stop email attacks, automate workflows, and boost productivity.
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The Value You Can Expect

Enabling Abnormal Business Value

With a platform designed for our customers, you can do more and worry less.
Why Customers Choose Abnormal

Holistic Email Protection

Protect your email with unmatched detection accuracy, real-time account breach prevention, and continuous risk assessment of third-party access.
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Accelerated AI Automation

Leverage AI to automate attack remediation, enhance organization- wide security awareness, and boost end-user productivity with personalized graymail sorting.
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Uniform Cross-Platform Defense

Consolidate to one cloud email security platform, while ensuring uniform messaging and account protection across all communication channels and cloud ecosystems.
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See it for Yourself

Get AI Protection for Your Human Interactions

Protect your organization from socially-engineered email attacks that target human behavior.
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The Reason We Exist

Our Customers Have Spoken

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“Abnormal looks at each threat as a whole, including the language and intent, and that approach sets it apart.”
Kaushik Bagchi
Head of Digital Security
“Abnormal cares about their customers. They are always willing to listen to feedback and our sales/marketing rep goes out of his way to follow-up with tickets we submit, seeing if we were helped”
Bobby D
“By far the quickest Email security deployment I've done. The accuracy is 2nd to none. The support is world class. The overhead to deploy and manage is minimal. 1 person can set it up and 1 person can easily manage it.”
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“If attackers now are using sophisticated techniques like AI, we should be using AI to combat them. Abnormal delivers that for us.”
Jeff McDonald
SVP of Technology Services
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"We've seen a significant drop in BEC and order fraud so now we have more time to be proactive on security."
Ryan Fritts
“Set it up & run. Very little needs to be monitored. Accurate and efficient way to control those unwanted emails and keep your users safe. Easy to report missed attacks and then it remediates all by itself. Great product!”
Information Security Systems Analyst
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“Investigation and remediation were very time-consuming. Abnormal automated our manual processes and provided more efficacy at the same time.”
Jeremy Smith
VP and Information Security Officer
“Abnormal has reduced operational oversight to nearly zero. Onboarding was a single click. The solution gets better over time as the platform learns users' habits.”
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“Leveraging Microsoft and Abnormal moves us away from the traditional SEG, eliminates that costs, and improves our security.”
Jonny Concannon
Group Information Security Manager
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