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The Shift To Cloud Email Has Opened New Attack Channels

Modern Inbound Email Attacks are Targeted and Sophisticated

Attackers today research the different identities within an organization and uncover relationships to launch socially-engineered and targeted inbound email attacks.

Secure Your Inbound Email

Email Threats Have Expanded Beyond Inbound Attacks

By design, cloud email platforms multiply the number of entry and exit points. Attackers can now exploit additional attack paths into cloud email.

The Power of Behavioral Learning Applied to Cloud Email Security


Block the Entire Spectrum of Inbound Email Attacks

Abnormal learns the behavior of every identity and assesses each email using tens of thousands of contextual signals, creating a risk-aware detection model specific to your organization.

This identity and context awareness enables Abnormal to stop all types of email attacks, from business email compromise to account takeovers to supply chain fraud and more.


Gain Visibility into Email Platform Risks and Entry Points

Abnormal continuously analyzes your cloud email environment, helping you identify and defend its emerging entry and exit points, including new third-party apps, compromised users, over-privileged admins, and MFA bypasses. Security teams can surface the critical configuration gaps that introduce risk and take action.


Liberate Your SOC Team by Putting Email Security on Auto Pilot

Abnormal fully automates the user-reported email workflow and automatically remediates malicious emails, allowing SOC teams to regain hours of time per week.

We evaluated many options, but Abnormal is the best context aware email security platform available.”

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Gopal Padinjaruveetil, CISO, Auto Club Group-AAA

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What Makes Abnormal Unique

Identity Aware

Ingests thousands of attributes to build profiles of every employee, vendor, application, and email tenant in your environment.

Context Aware

Continuously analyzes how identities behave in relationship to one another, identifying normal behavior and assembling relationship graphs between vendors, employees, and entities.

Risk Aware

Correlates identity understanding and contextual norms to determine the risk level of every event, whether it’s an email message or a configuration change.

Full Spectrum Protection

Provides the only platform that offers high-efficacy protection and auto-remediation for the full spectrum of inbound attacks with visibility into email platform risks.



Delivering Wins for Employees, Partners, and Fans with a High-Performing IT Team

Together, Abnormal and Microsoft provide Kroenke Sports & Entertainment with a robust, efficient security solution that blocks advanced threats from reaching inboxes.


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