Holistic Email Protection Targeting Your Employees

Discover the value of API-based, AI-native email security to protect your cloud-based email platform from sophisticated, socially-engineered attacks.

Email is the #1 Cybersecurity Risk

Context-Exploiting Attacks

Socially-engineered attacks cleverly mimic trusted relationships to deceive employees.

Hyper-Personalized Attacks

Sophisticated, AI-generated threats will make it impossible to distinguish between legitimate and malicious emails.

New Attack Vectors

Attackers directly target email accounts by defeating authentication and exploiting misconfigurations.

Abnormal Provides the Solution

Prevent Sophisticated Email Attacks

Abnormal detects inbound email attacks with the highest accuracy and provides unmatched protection across the entire email attack spectrum—including generative AI attacks and lateral phishing. Secure email gateways miss 70% of attacks blocked by Abnormal.
Protect Your Email Platform

Stop Account Takeovers

Discover compromised email accounts through real-time user activity monitoring. Compare the activity with behavioral norms for every user and automatically remediate the account.
Prevent Compromised Accounts

Reduce Risk Continuously

Protection from multi-stage attacks requires more than just a one-time check of inbound emails. Abnormal protects the entire email ecosystem from compromise by continuously monitoring the risk posture and configurations of email tenants, user accounts, supply chain partners, and connected third-party applications with access to email. Abnormal helped customers avoid $5.6 billion in risk in 2023.
Protect Every Identity
Our systems operations and IT teams were blown away by how easy it was to connect Abnormal via API to try it out. In our head-to-head test with another solution, Abnormal detected twice the malicious emails and generated 75% fewer false positives than the other vendor.”
— Steve Tieland, Director, Corporate Security Operations at Pegasystems

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Discover how you can stop targeted inbound attacks, email platform attacks, and more with Abnormal.
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