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We Deliver Abnormally-Beneficial
Partner Opportunities

undefeated in competitive head-to-heads
of prospects buy within 90 days of evaluation
of customers’ inboxes protected
subscription revenue growth in 2021
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Why Partner With Abnormal?

Abnormal’s cloud-based email security platform drives extraordinary partner traction by providing the industry’s most precise behavioral inbound email protection, SOC automation, and internal and external account protection. In addition, we uniquely allow you to assess risk across all your prospects’ vendors.

Abnormal provides an API for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace and integrates in minutes. When prospective customers implement our technology via a non-disruptive Risk Assessment, we demonstrate real, tangible value in one week.

more effective solution for email security
fewer attacks get through
to full deployment and less work for your security team
faster threat response time
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Our Channel-First Approach

Our solution is built for the largest enterprises and the majority of our customers are F1000 customers. We’re looking for ambitious partners to take full advantage of Abnormal’s scale and ongoing evolution. Email security is just the beginning of our journey. We’re developing and unveiling new products at a rapid pace. Our partners play a critical role in driving visibility and adoption for our new offerings.

Get with the Program

When you join the Abnormal Partner Program for Value Added Resellers, you benefit from world-class support, product, and co-marketing teams. Some of the top VARs we work with include Optiv, GuidePoint Security, and Fishtech Group.

Our goal is simple: help our VARS sell more and earn more on each sale, with high-quality, high-margin solutions integrated with their services.


Key Benefits

  • Access to qualified leads and co-marketing opportunities
  • Secure, increased margins
  • Dedicated Abnormal Security partner resources
  • Complete lead tracking from partner sourcing to close
  • Priority access to product announcements, promotions, and technical training
  • Significant upselling opportunities

Learn More

We’re ready to talk. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of being an Abnormal Partner Program member, including partner levels and requirements.