Generative AI Attacks

Stop new attacks created by Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and WormGPT.
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The Rising Threat of Generative AI

Tools like ChatGPT and Google Gemini have made it possible for bad actors to increase the volume and sophistication of their attacks seemingly overnight. Attackers can now trick more people in less time—resulting in the potential for exponential losses.

How Abnormal Stops AI-Generated Attacks

  1. Employs Human Behavior AI to detect fraudulent topics, tone, and sentiment, including urgency and formality.
  2. Detects unusual senders by understanding normal business relationships and communication patterns.
  3. Leverages the API architecture to ingest valuable behavior signals from M365, Okta, CrowdStrike, and multi-channel communication platforms.

An AI-Native Approach to Stopping AI-Generated Attacks

  1. Ingests unique signals about employee behavior and vendor communication patterns that attackers can’t access with publicly available information.
  2. Trains AI models personalized for each organization to detect anomalous activity across internal users and external partners.
  3. Remediates AI-generated attacks automatically, preventing employees from viewing or engaging with them.
Adversaries are changing from year to year and toolset to toolset, and we have to shift constantly as well. Our school of thought is if attackers now are using sophisticated techniques like AI, we should be using AI to combat them, and Abnormal delivers that for us."
— Jeff McDonald, Senior VP of Technology Services, Vituity

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Learn how attackers are using Chat GPT to craft more realistic and convincing email attacks.
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