Stop Credential Phishing Attacks

Protect your users from phishing links that aim to steal account credentials.
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Credential Phishing Attacks are Compelling

Attackers use hyper-personalized, contextually relevant content from seemingly trusted identities to trick employees into clicking on phishing links. The subsequent fraudulent phishing sites are intricately crafted to look identical to real sign-in pages, making it tough for employees to discern a malicious page from a real one. Generative AI enables any attacker to deploy these campaigns at scale.

How Abnormal Stops Credential Phishing Attacks

  1. Leverages behavioral AI to understand normal activity and patterns, stopping emails that deviate from what's expected.
  2. Analyzes email content to detect suspicious text patterns and malicious links.
  3. Detects unusual IP or geolocations of originating email and compares it against historical patterns of emails received.

An AI-Native Approach to Stopping Credential Phishing

  1. Ingests thousands of behavioral signals from multiple sources via the API architecture to detect unusual email-sending patterns.
  2. Learns usual links received per identity using behavioral AI and flags anomalous URLs.
  3. Analyzes text patterns, tone, and content to detect suspicious activity based on human behavior AI.

Abnormal Benefits of Stopping Credential Phishing

Blocks the #1 attack by volume, responsible for 70% of all advanced attacks.
Prevents attackers from gaining access to email accounts, internal networks, and connected applications.
Protects sensitive information across the cloud, including financial and customer data.
You can only go so far with signature-based detection, although that first layer of defense knocks out 90% of the threats. With Abnormal as our second layer, we can block attacks that are more targeted toward Sentara, such as social engineering invoice emails that are difficult to catch. Abnormal catches, reports, and auto-remediates them.”
— Chad Spiers, Director of Cybersecurity, Sentara Healthcare

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