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Security Teams are Operationally Burdened

Time-Consuming Operations

An endless queue of employee-reported emails requires manual triaging which diverts resources from other key priorities.

Security Awareness

Current tools prohibit the delivery of customized and targeted security coaching for every employee and efforts to personalize training are tedious.

Security Team Fatigue

CISOs need AI to enhance resource efficiency and optimize security workflows to mitigate burnout.

How Abnormal Enhances Security Operations

AI Coworker for the Security Operations team

Abnormal AI provides 24/7 AI triage to autonomously inspect and judge user-reported emails as malicious, spam, safe, or a phishing simulation. If an email is found malicious or spam, AI Security Mailbox provides AI-assisted investigation, identifies similar messages across all mailboxes, tracks email engagement and can bulk-remediate messages across multiple tenants.

Personal AI Cyber Assistant for Every Employee

AI Security Mailbox automatically responds to every employee-reported email, providing remediation action and detailed explanations on whether the email was safe or malicious. It comes pre-trained with enterprise security best practices, specifically tailored to your environment. Employees can also ask follow-up or other security-related questions. It offers a delightful and helpful experience that elevates your security brand.

Centralize Visibility and Reporting of User-Reported Emails

AI organizes all user-reported emails into a consolidated view and provides full visibility into each submission. Administrators can see the full attack context for each campaign and every email.

Integrate with Existing Workflows and SIEM/SOAR Solutions

Abnormal integrates with existing end-user phishing reporting buttons, SIEM/SOAR solutions, and ticketing system workflows to enable centralized alerts for SOC analysts.

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Campaign Remediation

Inspects and evaluates user-reported emails. If malicious, removes other unreported emails within the same campaign.

AI-Powered Conversational Mailbox

Automated responses to inform reporters. Chooses from preset templates or enrich responses with generative AI.

AI Security Analyst

Security teams can customize and chat with the AI Security Analyst to see how it interacts with employees.
We’ve heard feedback from our users that report potential spam, and they appreciate the timely feedback that Abnormal delivers.”
— Mike Freeman, Cybersecurity Manager at Sentara Healthcare

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