AI Security Mailbox

Automate your user-reported email workflow and delight your employees with AI-powered conversational responses.
AI Security Mailbox

Security teams are operationally burdened from the tedious process of managing the user-reported email workflow. The conventional method of manually triaging, remediating, and responding to each email is inefficient and wastes an opportunity to engage with end users to improve security awareness.

When done manually, IT teams and security analysts are burdened with the execution of a labor-intensive workflow— hindering their ability to address higher-priority tasks.

Abnormal Provides the Solution

Provides 24/7 AI triage to autonomously inspect and judge user-reported emails as malicious, spam, safe, or a phishing simulation. If an email is found to be malicious or spam, AI Security Mailbox intelligently locates and removes other unreported emails within the same phishing campaign instantly.

Responds to every reported email with AI-powered explanations that provide detailed explanations. Employees can also ask follow-up or other security related questions, offering them a delightful and helpful experience.

Organizes all user-reported emails in one place and provides full visibility into each submission. Administrators can see the full attack context for each campaign and every email.

Integrates with existing end-user phishing reporting buttons, SIEM/SOAR solutions, and ticketing system workflows to enable centralized alerts for SOC analysts.

The Abnormal Advantage at a Glance

Enhances SOC effectiveness. AI-powered detection and the automated triage process streamlines your entire user-reported email workflow.

Improves security awareness. Comes pretrained with enterprise security best practices, specifically tailored to your environment, and delivers AI-enriched insights via conversations with reporters to educate employees to recognize suspicious email activity.

Elevates the security brand. Increases confidence in the security organization by providing personalized and responsive support to end users.

Provides holistic insights. Gives enhanced visibility into quantitative metrics, attack summaries, detailed email analyses, and more.


Reduction in time spent reviewing user-reported emails.


SOC analyst hours saved annually.


Full-time employees freed from handling user-reported email.

Get AI Protection for Your Human Interactions

Protect your organization from socially-engineered email attacks that target human behavior.
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