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Abnormal and Microsoft Deliver Defense-In-Depth

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Our Precise Cloud-First Approach

In today’s cloud-first approach to managing corporate infrastructure and running applications, more than 56% of organizations globally use Microsoft Office 365. Abnormal has partnered with Microsoft to protect the global Microsoft Office 365 customer base with the industry’s most precise, scalable, and effective cloud-native email security supplement. 
As a Microsoft Preferred Solution, Abnormal’s platform has been selected by a team of Microsoft experts for its proven ability to generate business impact and technology transformation for customers.

Abnormal is an IP co-sell incentivized, MACC-eligible, and PRACR-enabled ISV that integrates with and augments native Microsoft security services, including Azure Sentinel and Defender for Microsoft 365. Abnormal protects our mutual customers from advanced, socially-engineered attacks like phishing, business email compromise, and account takeovers, while also reducing security stack complexity and improving SOC efficiency.

Learn why Abnormal and Microsoft are better together.

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Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Abnormal Security is available through Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace to simplify and accelerate evaluation, purchase, and implementation. You can purchase Abnormal with your existing Azure commitment—no need to find additional budget to begin protecting your environment today.

Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

As a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, Abnormal joins other top experts from across the cybersecurity industry with the shared goal of improving customer security.

AI Inner Circle Partner Program

Abnormal Security is proud to be a member the AI Inner Circle Partner Program, which recognizes our team’s work in AI and ML to drive business transformation for our customers.