Reduce Your Total Email Security Cost

Deploy the Abnormal platform and realize a 278% ROI by eliminating redundant capabilities, optimizing SOC resources, and blocking the full spectrum of attacks.
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The Total Email Security Cost is Expansive

Software Costs
SEGs have become redundant with native cloud email security in Microsoft and Google.
SOC Costs
Searching for and remediating a malicious email in a SEG can take up to 90 minutes per message.
Cybercrime Financial Loss
The average successful BEC attack costs organizations $125,000 and losses continue to grow.

How Abnormal Lowers Your Email Security Spend

Eliminates Redundant Security Software Cost

Abnormal helps organizations eliminate redundant costs for legacy SEGs and account takeover detection tools, as well as unnecessary spending on email SOAR solutions. For the average organization, this equates to tens of thousands of dollars saved on hardware, software, and maintenance costs.

Reduces Manual SOC Efforts by 95%

Abnormal completely automates your SOC email security workload, including user-reported email workflows, incident triage, manual remediation, and policy management. The average organization reallocates at least 5,000 hours per year to strategic projects.
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Mitigates $4M+ in Direct Financial Losses

Abnormal’s superior detection efficacy helps organizations block costly impersonation attacks, invoice fraud, and advanced phishing emails. Doing so stops direct cybercrime losses and minimizes revenue loss due to customer attrition.
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“I didn’t see the value that a SEG would provide on top of [our enterprise email] and Abnormal Security. We haven’t noticed any loss by not having a SEG, we just noticed gain. So I basically redeployed the budget I used to spend on the SEG to Abnormal Security.”
— Global Technology Services Director, Commodities

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Reduce Your Email Security Spend with Abnormal

Learn how you can protect against the full spectrum of sophisticated attacks while removing your legacy tools.
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