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Large University Discovered
112,000 BEC Attacks

Tax Preparation Company Caught
208 Malware Attacks

Consulting Firm Uncovered
203 Unsafe Engagements

Electronics Manufacturer Caught
$500,000 in Invoice Fraud


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Abnormal Security stops business email compromise, credential phishing, supply chain compromise, ransomware, and other modern email attacks before they reach your inbox. Our free risk assessment gives you personalized insight into how we do it.

How it works:

  • Install in minutes with one-click integration
  • Implement the read-only solution with no impact to your existing email infrastructure or mail flow
  • Access the entire product to see Abnormal in action
  • Receive a customized report within one week, showing you the attacks that are currently in your inboxes

The Abnormal Risk Assessment is a free, fast, and an easy way to test our cloud email security solution. Answer a few questions to get started.


How an Abnormal Security Risk Assessment Works

abnormal security stack integration

It’s Simple

With our read-only API integration, we analyze your existing email framework for potential security threats. Witin a week of the risk assessment, we give you a custom report that outlines your current vulnerabilities—and what you’ll likely see in the future.

abnormal security fast api integration 2

It’s Fast

The risk assessment only takes 15 minutes to set up with your email environment:

  • We integrate our API directly into your existing email flow in minutes with a one-click set up.

  • Our API works seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace without disrupting mail flow.

  • You don’t need to change your MX record or policies. Simply integrate and wait for the report from your Abnormal team.

abnormal security soc reporting dashboard

It’s Informative

Once our API is fully integrated, we’ll begin to analyze your email data to uncover potential weaknesses and attack points. We assess your current email environment based on 45,000+ threat signals in order to assess your risk. And while we create your risk assessment report, you can access the user dashboard to live the Abnormal customer experience.

Its comprehensive image CROP copy

It’s Comprehensive

Your risk assessment includes insight into attack highlights, vendor risk levels, and compromised accounts. Your report includes an overview of:

  • The number of advanced attacks sitting in your end-user inboxes

  • The risk level presented by each of your vendors

  • Which email accounts within your environment may be compromised

With full insight into what is bypassing your current email security infrastructure, you can take action to prevent them moving forward.


Why You Should Get a Risk Assessment

Abnormal offers the highest-precision protection from the attacks that matter most. Our email risk assessment is personalized proof of the value we offer. It’s free, fast, and an easy way to test our cloud email security solution.

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