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Integrated Cloud
Email Security (ICES)

Prevent the full spectrum of email attacks with an API approach that applies advanced detection and response techniques to baseline known good and block anomalous activity.

Only Abnormal ICES harnesses advanced behavioral AI to block the malicious and unwanted emails that evade legacy secure email gateways (SEG) solutions.

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Modern Attacks Are Reaching Inboxes


in losses from socially
engineered attacks in 2021.

2021 IC3 Internet Crime Report


increase in year-over-year
ransomware payments.

Chainalysis: 2022 Crypto Crime Report


of companies globally have
experienced an account takeover.

Chainalysis: 2022 Crypto Crime Report
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Legacy Solutions Fail to Prevent Modern Attacks

Here is a real-world example of a modern attack launched against a Fortune 100 company. The attacker impersonated a vendor to trick an unsuspecting employee into transferring $753,000 to a new bank account.

The customer’s legacy email security solution marked the attack as a legitimate email, as it was only looking for known-bad indicators of compromise (IOCs) such as domain reputation, malicious links, and malicious downloads. However, the attacker was using social engineering tactics to exploit human behavior and sent a text-based email with no malicious links and no malicious attachments.

The Solution:
Abnormal Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES)

Abnormal Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) uses behavioral AI to block business email compromise attacks, supply chain fraud, ransomware, spam, and everything in between.

Our API-based solution directly integrates with your cloud email platform, where it instantly begins baselining known-good behavior and detecting anomalies. By understanding what is normal, Abnormal can block the malicious and unwanted emails that are text-based, lack attack signatures, and originate from the inside of your company—all of which often bypass legacy SEGs and cloud email providers.

“Abnormal protects our executives from individually targeted attack emails that our first line of defense can’t catch. Our accounts payable team is safer and more efficient, too. Abnormal stops sophisticated malicious emails before our people ever see them.”

Bill Loss,
VP for IT Engineering and Technology Services, Everise
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What’s Next in Your Email Security Journey?

Make incremental improvements to your email security posture, or replace your legacy SEG solution altogether. Abnormal can help you on your way.

Supplement Your SEG

Integrate Abnormal ICES into your email infrastructure and instantly start blocking the advanced attacks that your existing solutions are missing.

Displace Your SEG

Eliminate the need for your secure email gateway when you combine Abnormal ICES with the native capabilities of Microsoft 365.

Abnormal ICES Capabilities

Deeply Integrates With Cloud Security

Microsoft Office 365

Enhances security built into Microsoft Office 365 with AI-powered behavioral analysis to stop all email-based threats and account takeover attacks.

Google Workspace

Enhances built-in security capabilities within Google Workspace and uses the most advanced AI detection techniques to stop targeted phishing attacks.

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See the Abnormal Solution to the Email Security Problem

Protect your organization from the attacks that matter most with Abnormal Integrated Cloud Email Security.