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Your Integrated Cloud Email Security Platform

Protect users in your organization from the full spectrum of targeted email attacks: phishing, ransomware, fraud, social engineering, executive impersonation, spam, graymail, and more.

Abnormal precisely baselines good behavior to block malicious and unwanted emails that evade other security solutions.

Socially-Engineered Attacks Evade Cloud Email Security and Secure Email Gateways


of all cybercrime losses are due to socially-engineered email attacks

2020 IC3 Internet Crime Report


average loss to businesses due to business email compromise

Data Breach Investigations Report, 2020


chance of being attacked by a compromised vendor account

Threat Research Report, Q3 2021

Precisely Block All Email Attacks With Abnormal

Deploys in minutes. No configuration or custom policies needed.

Inbound Email Protection

Precisely blocks all email attacks and unwanted email using behavioral AI.

Account Takeover Protection

Automatically detects and disables accounts that show unusual behavior and appear to be compromised.

SOC Automation

Provides AI-assisted investigation, triage, and auto-remediation that is proven to supercharge your SOC workflows and save you time.

Integrated Cloud Email Security Platform Features

Integrates within minutes, gives deep analysis and rich insights, and allows for fine-grained access controls to protect employee data. Included with all Abnormal products.

Defense In Depth v6

Simplify Your Email Security Stack

Eliminate the redundant secure email gateway layer, and re-enable and enhance cloud gateway capabilities built into Microsoft and Google.

Unify your entire inbound email security defenses, from email hygiene to zero-day advanced attacks.

Highest-Precision Protection Against All Email and Account Takeover Attacks

Credential Phishing

Stop the full range of credential phishing attacks, including never-before-seen socially-engineered attacks.

Business Email Compromise

Block seemingly trustworthy emails that induce employees to take actions that lead to financial loss and reputational damage.

Invoice and Payment Fraud

Defuse schemes to steal money via fraudulent invoices and prevent attackers from changing legitimate bank account details.

Supply Chain Compromise

Prevent attackers from exploiting compromised vendor accounts to launch email attacks against your organization.

Cloud Account Takeover

Block account takeover attempts and disable compromised accounts within seconds.

Malware and Ransomware

Protect your end users from emails that contain malicious attachments, ransomware, and other viruses.

Spam and Graymail

Stop spam, unsolicited messages, and other unwanted email from reaching your end users.

Deeply Integrates With Cloud Security

Microsoft Office 365

Enhances security built into Microsoft Office 365 with AI-powered behavioral analysis to stop all email-based threats and account takeover attacks.

Google Workspace

Enhances built-in security capabilities within Google Workspace and uses the most advanced AI detection techniques to stop targeted phishing attacks.

Fully Automate Your SOC Workflows

Integrate with SIEM, SOAR, ITSM, and IAM solutions to enrich security insights and orchestrate workflows.


Augment your SIEM with metadata and risk scores for better attack correlation.


Trigger playbooks when users engage with bad email or compromised accounts.


Create tickets for compromised accounts or when users engage with bad emails.

Secure Email Gateways

Trigger automated post-delivery protection when gateways send alerts on missed attacks.

Phishing Training

Allow emails for training to pass inspections, and present reports on user engagement.

Identity Access Management

Log in to Abnormal via SSO, and to provide data to better detect account takeover attempts.


Our bi-directional architecture helps you set up your own custom integrations quickly and simply.

Trusted by Global Enterprises


Prevent the Attacks That Matter Most

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