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Comprehensive cloud email security products from Abnormal offer everything that your security team needs to stop attacks, automate workflows, and boost employee productivity.
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Abnormal Solves Your Email Security Challenges


Inbound Email Security

  • Detects and automatically stops the full spectrum of email threats, including the most costly and targeted socially-engineered attacks.
  • Explains attacks in simple, readable language.
  • Deploys in minutes via API integration with no rules or policies required.
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Email Account Takeover Protection 

  • Detects when employee email accounts have been compromised.
  • Remediates any messages sent from compromised users. 
  • Disarms the account by logging users out, resetting passwords, and blocking access before attackers can do further damage.
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Email Security Posture Management

  • Discovers gaps in email security posture.
  • Monitors people, tenants, and third-party applications for high-risk configuration drifts.
  • Highlights potentially risky events like privilege escalations, new third-party apps, and conditional access policy exceptions.
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Abuse Mailbox Automation

  • Completely automates the user-reported email workflow.
  • Automatically analyzes, classifies, remediates, and responds to user phishing reports.
  • Provides automated templates to respond to users.
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Email Productivity

  • Utilizes advanced behavioral AI to keep time-wasting graymail out of employee inboxes.
  • Self-learns user preferences and personalizes graymail control based on how employees sort messages across their inbox and promotions folders.
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Protect your organization from the full spectrum of email and collaboration application attacks with Abnormal.
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