Cloud Email Security for
the Modern Workforce

The open design of cloud email platforms provides new opportunities for collaboration and extensibility, but it has also opened up new channels for attackers to exploit.

Only Abnormal Security leverages advanced behavioral data science to stop the full spectrum of email attacks and provides direct visibility into security posture to uncover and mitigate critical risks introduced by cloud email environments.

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Modern Attacks Are Reaching Inboxes


in losses from socially-engineered attacks in 2021.

2021 IC3 Internet Crime Report


increase in year-over-year ransomware payments.

Chainalysis: 2022 Crypto Crime Report


of Fortune 1000 companies have experienced a compromised account.

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Legacy Solutions Fail to Prevent Modern Attacks

Attackers launch socially-engineered and targeted inbound email attacks that continue to grow in sophistication—evading detection by traditional solutions. They also exploit lax security configurations to carry out new types of email platform attacks that leverage privileged user accounts and third-party applications as entry points into cloud email platforms.



Abnormal Cloud Email Security

Abnormal learns the behavior of every identity—employee, vendor, application, and email tenant—in your cloud email environment and analyzes the risk of every event to block even the most sophisticated attacks.

By understanding what is normal, Abnormal can detect and prevent the malicious and unwanted emails that bypass traditional solutions. The platform also gives visibility into configuration drifts across your cloud email environment, surfacing third-party application misconfigurations, elevated privileges, and other potential risks.

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Abnormal Cloud Email Security Platform

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Abnormal protects our executives from individually targeted attack emails that our first line of defense can’t catch. Our accounts payable team is safer and more efficient, too. Abnormal stops sophisticated malicious emails before our people ever see them.”

Bill Loss

Bill Loss, VP for IT Engineering and Technology Services, Everise

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What’s Next in Your Email Security Journey?

Enhance your email security stack or replace your legacy SEG solution altogether. Abnormal can help.


Supplement Your SEG

Integrate Abnormal into your email infrastructure and instantly start blocking the advanced attacks that your existing solutions are missing.

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Displace Your SEG

Eliminate the need for your secure email gateway when you combine Abnormal with the native capabilities of Microsoft 365.


Deeply Integrates With Cloud Security

Microsoft Office 365

Complement native security capabilities with AI-powered behavioral analysis to stop all email-based threats and account takeover attacks.

Google Workspace

Enhance built-in security capabilities with next-generation email security that uses advanced AI detection techniques to stop phishing and account takeover attacks.


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Protect your organization from the full spectrum of email attacks with Abnormal.

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Abnormal Security leverages advanced behavioral data science to stop the full spectrum of email attacks.
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