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Stop modern cyber threats with an AI-native, API-based email security platform. Abnormal deeply understands human behavior to detect anomalies, protect against account takeovers, and prevent breaches.
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Abnormal Solves Your Email Security Challenges


Inbound Email Security

  • Delivers unmatched protection across the entire email attack spectrum—from sophisticated phishing attacks to complex social engineering tactics.
  • Leverages human behavior AI to uncover targeted attacks with the highest accuracy.
  • Removes redundancies and streamlines workflows with AI, saving security teams an average of 5,000 hours per year.
Protect Your Inbound Email

Core Account Takeover Protection

  • Effectively prevents breaches with real-time account takeover detection.
  • Builds a contextual behavioral timeline on severity and AI confidence to aid investigation.
  • Automatically disarms the account by logging out users, resetting passwords, and blocking access before attackers can do further damage.
Secure Your User Accounts

AI Security Mailbox

  • Utilizes AI to fully automate the user-reported email workflow.
  • Analyzes, classifies, and automatically remediates all related malicious phishing emails.
  • Conversational AI responses to reported emails help engage and delight employees with in-the-moment security training.
Automate with AI Security

Security Posture Management

  • Eliminates email platform posture gaps that can lead to costly breaches and inadvertently open doors to attackers.
  • Surfaces potentially high-risk events like privilege escalations, new third-party applications, and conditional access policy exceptions that often signal malicious activity.
  • Uncovers cases of shadow IT by monitoring user activity, tenants, app integrations, and elevated app permissions.
Enhance Posture Visibility

Email Productivity

  • Self-learns user preferences and personalizes graymail control based on how employees sort messages.
  • Leverages Natural Language Processing to precisely detect promotional emails and move them to dedicated folder.
  • Deploys in minutes and requires no configuration of rules or policies.
Improve User Productivity

Complete Account Takeover Protection

  • Behavioral AI understands the normal behavior of every human and continuously monitors deviations to precisely detect and respond to cross-platform account takeover attempts.
  • Provides uniform visibility, monitoring, and detection across cloud environments from one platform.
  • Expands Core Account Takeover Protection to include 15+ additional cloud and SaaS applications.
Stop Account Takeovers

Messaging Security

  • Inspects every Slack, Teams, and Zoom message using AI to identify suspicious activity and compromised accounts.
  • Enables greater understanding of threats by logging email attacks and malicious messages found in collaboration apps in the same Threat Log.
  • Scans messages from external collaborators to uncover cases of potential partner or vendor compromise—protecting platforms from third-party risk.
Secure Messaging Platforms

See the #1 AI-Native Platform for Human Behavior Security

Stop breaches that target human behavior with unprecedented protection against the most advanced email threats of today and the future.
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Abnormal understood the problem we were facing and delivered a simple, efficacious solution that complements our existing security controls. Because AI and ML are now so important for modern email security, we have confidence that Abnormal will continue to protect us from new threats.”
— Mark Overton, Head of Information Security at Softcat
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Get AI Protection for Your Human Interactions

Protect your organization from socially-engineered email attacks that target human behavior.
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