Messaging Security

Detect malicious content in Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.
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Collaboration Apps Need Content Inspection

Multi-Channel Attacks

Bad actors are initiating attacks in email and moving laterally to collaboration apps to send malicious content.

Interconnected with Email

A breach in email can grant attackers unrestricted access to private data in other collaboration apps.

Lack URL Inspection

The most popular collaboration apps don't come with robust built-in security scanning.

Detect Malicious Messages Across Collaboration Apps

Inspects Messages for Suspicious URLs

Abnormal leverages autonomous AI, scanning for malicious links in message threads, groups, and chats.

Combines Email and Collaboration App Threats in One Log

Abnormal understands the advanced attacks targeting the humans in your organization across all of your email tenants, as well as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, and displays them in one Threat Log.

Detects Risky External Content

Scans all of your internal and external messaging threads for malicious content to detect insider threats and reduce your risk of supply chain attacks.

Messaging Security Features

URL Inspection

Monitor Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom messages for suspicious and malicious URLs.

Threat Log Visibility

Review flagged messages alongside email attack detections in Threat Log for a more comprehensive view of your risk.

External Message Visibility

Monitor chat messages with external members to detect and warn of malicious links.

Protect Users from Malicious Messages

Detect malicious links across Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.
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