Why Abnormal

Discover a fundamentally different approach to cloud email security.
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Secures the Human Vulnerability

Abnormal provides unprecedented protection against attacks that target human behavior, including socially-engineered threats, vendor fraud, and cloud account takeovers. This approach stops 70% more attacks than SEGs, including payloadless emails, which made up 24% of all blocked attacks in 2023.
Holistic Email Protection

Automates with AI

Abnormal AI fully automates email security and boosts productivity through behavior-based graymail sorting to reduce manual efforts for the SOC by up to 95%. Conversational AI responses to user-reported emails to engage and delight employees with in-the-moment security training.
Accelerated AI Automation

Uniform Cross-Platform Defense

Abnormal extends protection capabilities to more of the cloud footprint, including collaboration applications, applying consistent security to lower your cybersecurity risk.
Protect the Email Platform

API-Based Architecture

Unlike traditional email security solutions, Abnormal's unique API architecture gives the platform the visibility required to protect email in a multi-dimensional manner. Abnormal stops external email attacks, internal email attacks, email account takeovers, and continuously monitors posture across all users, vendors, and third-party apps with access to email.
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Why Customers Choose Abnormal

Comprehensively Protect the Email Platform

Abnormal prevented $350 million in losses from email supply chain compromise attacks in 2023.

Empower Security Teams to Do More

Abnormal saves enterprises an average of 475 hours per week in security team and end-user time.

Consolidate and Extend Email Security

Customers see a 278% ROI of Email Security with Abnormal.

Stop Attacks That Target Your People

Secure the most targeted attack surface and your most vulnerable resource against the targeted attacks of today and the future.
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