Why Abnormal

Discover a fundamentally different approach to cloud email security.
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Stops More Attacks

Abnormal Security uses behavioral AI and ML models to learn the behavior of all employees and partners. This approach allows Abnormal to stop the full spectrum of email attacks—credential phishing, business email compromise, vendor invoice fraud, and more—as well as emerging attack types across email and collaboration apps.

Reduces Total Costs

Abnormal fully automates email security, reducing manual efforts by up to 95%. Organizations can also reduce spend by eliminating redundant secure email gateways, while mitigating the $4 million annual risk of sophisticated and targeted socially-engineered attacks.
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Understands More with a Modern Architecture

Abnormal’s modern API architecture allows it to ingest thousands of signals from cloud email platforms, EDR and IAM tools, and other SaaS apps, and offers visibility into internal and external traffic to find threats in the context of relationships and patterns.
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Protects Your Business Today and Tomorrow

Abnormal is designed to stop the threats of the future. Unlike SEGs, Abnormal’s modern architecture and behavioral AI allow it to adapt to new threats that cross business platforms. With Abnormal, you can protect your inbound email and collaboration applications like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Why Customers Choose Abnormal

Protect More
Abnormal mitigated $3.4M in risk for a major food processing company.
Spend Less
Abnormal’s automation helped a large healthcare company optimize resources by saving 3,500 SOC hours annually.
Secure the Future
Abnormal's extensible platform detects and remediates current and emerging threats across email and email-like applications.

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Protect your organization from the full spectrum of email and collaboration application attacks with Abnormal.
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