Why Abnormal

The Abnormal platform uses unique AI ​​to precisely baseline good behavior to block malicious and unwanted emails that evade other security solutions.
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Protects Against All Attacks with High Precision

Abnormal profiles known good behavior within your environment and analyzes over 45,000 signals to detect anomalies that deviate from the baseline.

By understanding what is normal, Abnormal can block the malicious and unwanted emails that bypass other solutions.

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Deploys via API in Minutes

Abnormal integrates with multiple Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace tenants in minutes, with no disruption to mail flow.

Upon integration, Abnormal automatically profiles your executives, employees, and vendors to establish baselines and protect your organization within hours.

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Provides Federated Data Across Employees and Vendors

Abnormal automatically identifies all vendors in your ecosystem to understand their individual risk level. By recognizing when a vendor may have a high risk of fraud, Abnormal knows when an email should be more heavily scrutinized for malicious activity.

This information is federated across all Abnormal customers to protect you from the most advanced threats.

Automates SOC Operations Update 1

Automates SOC Operations

Abnormal fully automates email triage, remediation, and reporting, bringing together all auto-detected and user-reported threats into a single interface.

Analysts can use search and respond functionality to rapidly contain missed attacks or misdirected emails.

Integrates Insights Reporting Update 1

Integrates Insights and Reporting

Abnormal centralizes metrics, insights, actions, and the management of global block lists in one place, across hundreds of tenants, for both Microsoft and Google environments.

With a single pane of glass, analysts no longer need to juggle multiple dashboards or reports to understand your email security posture.

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Improves Your End User Experience

Abnormal provides a native Microsoft email experience that puts an end to spam digests and portals.

The platform learns each user’s preference as they move emails between folders within their mailbox. This personalized understanding enables Abnormal to deliver incoming emails directly into the folder, giving end users an immersive email experience.

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