Tighten Security on Your Slack Platform

Secure your messages and keep Slack from becoming an entry point for attackers targeting your organization.
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Security Gaps Can Put Your Business at Risk


people use Slack daily, making it a prime target for attacks.
Source: Slack


of security teams struggle to see all security settings for SaaS apps.
Source: Cloud Security Alliance


of breaches resulted from excessive privileges on user accounts.
Source: BeyondTrust

How Abnormal Secures Your Slack Platform

Catches Malicious Messages

Using behavioral AI that baselines user activities and detects deviations, Abnormal monitors messages within Slack—both direct messages and channels—for suspicious or malicious URLs. Once detected, Abnormal alerts security analysts of a potential threat for further investigation.
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Intercepts Account Takeovers

Abnormal analyzes and identifies typical user sign-in activity across locations, browsers, and authentication methods, and then identifies and surfaces unusual activity that may indicate the compromise of an authenticated account.
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Reduces User Privilege Risks

Abnormal monitors global administrators within Slack and notifies security analysts if any changes occur. It then provides analysts with the right context to support the investigation into a potential threat, as well as the workflows to manage suspicious events.
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Simple, Effective Security for Slack

High-Efficacy Threat Detection

Confidently identify suspicious URLs, compromised accounts, and user privilege risks.

Insights in One Dashboard

View suspicious activities from Slack in the same pane as those stemming from your email platform.

Rich Context for Attack Investigation

See necessary context to investigate and remediate a potential threat in Slack environment.
Vendors say their integration will be easy and seamless, but we’ve found that there are usually issues. It was refreshing to see Abnormal actually deliver on that integration promise.”
— Mike Freeman, Cybersecurity Manager at Sentara Healthcare

Frequently Asked Questions

“Our executives and Board of Directors are commonly hit with significant amounts of phishing and BEC email attacks. Abnormal’s behavioral-based modeling and pattern recognition have been great in detecting and stopping those attacks. We are confident we have the right solution in place.”
Gopal Padinjaruveetil, CISO, Auto Club Group-AAA

Detect Signs of Compromise Across Slack

With an AI-based approach to detection, you can catch attacks in your collaboration apps that other solutions miss.
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