SaaS Security Posture Management

Monitor high-impact changes to user privileges across collaboration apps like Slack and Zoom.
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Excessive Admin Rights Result in Increased Risk

Expansive Risk

36% of organizations have indicated that inadequately managed privileges have resulted in a breach.

Permissions are a Blind Spot

One in three security teams is unable to see any security settings, including user privileges, for collaboration applications.

Lack of Context

Addressing privilege changes manually across multiple tools puts undue pressure on understaffed security teams.

Discover User Privileges Across Your SaaS Applications

Dynamically Monitors for High-Impact Changes

Abnormal Human Behavior AI builds a running inventory of privilege changes across Slack and Zoom, including timestamps and the humans involved—determining which changes may present a risk and need further investigation.

Provides Critical Context for Each Change

Abnormal admins can drill into an individual change to gain a before-and-after view, giving insight into what the normal state looked like and how a given application has been affected. Abnormal also provides links to the PeopleBase profiles for each user involved and suggested next steps.

Coordinates an Effective Response

Abnormal sends notifications so security teams can acknowledge changes, schedule email notifications, export to the SIEM, and follow suggested next steps if a privilege change indicates a serious risk. Changes associated with suspicious users are also surfaced and analyzed in Account Takeover Protection Case timelines to bolster investigation and detection confidence.

SaaS Security Posture Management Features

User Privilege Monitoring

View a log of privilege changes across each app and the users involved.

Contextual Insights

Expand each change for a before-and-after view and links to user PeopleBase profiles.

Response Workflow

Set email alerts, acknowledge changes, and export event data to the SIEM.

See Your Security Posture Across Your SaaS Apps

Spot potentially dangerous changes to user privileges across your cloud environment, including email platforms and SaaS applications.
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