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Sophisticated Attacks are Targeting Your Organization

Inbound Email Attacks
Business email compromise and socially-engineered attacks are growing in frequency and severity.
Email Platform Attacks
Attackers are finding new ways into the environment, targeting admins and third-party applications.
Collaboration App Attacks
Business reliance on other applications opens the door for attacks on similar communications channels.

How Abnormal Protects You from Modern Attacks

Blocks Advanced Inbound Threats

Abnormal leverages machine learning and behavioral AI to detect and stop sophisticated socially-engineered attacks. The platform understands known-good behavior to detect impersonations, changes in invoices or payments, shifts in tone, or other anomalies that may indicate an attack.
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Uncovers Email Platform Entry Points

The Abnormal platform recognizes when accounts have become compromised or when new third-party applications have been given access to the cloud email environment. By highlighting when new events occur, Abnormal can help security teams understand the potential threat and take action to mitigate risk.

Detects Threats in Collaboration Apps

When attackers target connected email-like applications such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, Abnormal recognizes malicious messages and compromised accounts. The platform provides insights in the same portal so security teams can see the full scope of the risk and take downstream action.
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Today's threat landscape is dynamic and changing. We stay ahead of the game by leaning in on technology to help with the fight, using modern technologies like AI/ML.”
— Ryan Fritts, CISO, ADT

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Block the Full Spectrum of Modern Email Attacks

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