Enhanced Email Security for Google Workspace

Increase your protection against advanced email threats and complement native Gmail security.
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An Increasingly Complex Threat Landscape


average lost per business email compromise attack.
Source: 2022 FBI IC3 Report


of employee-reported phishing emails are actually safe.
Source: Abnormal Security


lost in the average breach tied to cloud misconfigurations.
Source: IBM Cost of a Data Breach Reportt

How Abnormal Secures Your Google Environment

Speeds Up Time to Value

The API-based, cloud-native architecture enables integration and deployment within minutes to start ingesting thousands of signals. There is no need to change configurations or set customer policies and no disruption to email flow.
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Blocks the Entire Spectrum of Email Attacks

Abnormal analyzes the behavior of all identities within your environment to stop all types of malicious email, including business email compromise, account takeovers, supply chain fraud, and more.
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Automatically Triages User-Reported Email

Abnormal helps security teams save time by automatically triaging and remediating user-reported emails and identifying other emails in the environment associated with the same phishing campaign.
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Improves Your Security Visibility

Abnormal provides federated behavioral accounts of people, vendors, and tenants to help security teams easily understand risk within their environment.
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Comprehensive Security for Gmail

Protect More

Block sophisticated or never-before-seen attacks that slip past native cloud security and traditional tools.

Spend Less

Eliminate redundant software costs and automate email threat detection and response.

Secure the Future

Stop emerging email attacks, including account takeovers, attacks emanating from third-party apps, and more.
Prior to turning on Abnormal, attackers would create one Gmail address after another to impersonate familiar people—our superintendent, principals, and teachers. We couldn't do much about those attacks before. We have a Google Workspace instance that we use for students, so we couldn't block Gmail addresses. With Abnormal, it catches those impersonation emails automatically, so we don’t have to spend time responding to those threats manually.”
— Shane Snedecor, Information Security Manager, Virginia Beach City Public Schools

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Augment Google Workspace with Advanced Protection

Protect your organization from the full spectrum of modern and sophisticated email attacks with Abnormal.
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