CloudAccount Takeover Protection

Prevent account takeovers in your cloud infrastructure platforms with autonomous AI.
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Cloud Breaches Are on the Rise and Hard to Stop

Top Target for Attackers

Security leaders overwhelmingly identify cloud infrastructure as the platform most susceptible to account compromise.

Traditional Security Falls Short

Current methods are ineffective in preventing account takeovers, especially across multiple platforms. 

Data Security Left Up to Organizations

84% of organizations use private clouds. Data security in those cloud tenants is on the organization, not the provider.

How Abnormal Dynamically Detects Cloud Infrastructure Account Compromise

Centralizes Security Visibility Across the Cloud Environment

Cloud-native API architecture centralizes cloud visibility by enabling simple integration with only a few clicks. Security teams can integrate their major cloud apps—AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform—in minutes.

Builds a Behavioral Baseline for Humans via AI

Human behavior AI automatically analyzes authentications signals, communications, and suspicious applications, including logins from unusual locations, abnormal VPN usage, or new MFA registrations.

Detects and Remediates Cross-Platform Account Compromise with Autonomous AI

Abnormal automatically identifies compromised identities, generating a contextual behavioral Case timeline to enable investigation of notable events. This significantly reduces manual SOC effort and highlights threats that may have gone unnoticed.

Delivers AI-Powered Unified Account Takeover Protection

Account Takeover Protection automates remediation, immediately terminating sessions and revoking account access across cloud entities once an account takeover is confirmed—massively reducing the time spent responding to account takeover incidents.

Account Takeover Protection Features


Surface and aggregate behaviorally-derived threat intelligence to improve threat hunting and incident response efforts and streamline SOC processes.


Gain visibility into cross-application privileges, derived insights from Abnormal AI, and a cross-platform identity timeline of notable events for every employee.

Behavioral Case Timeline

View a contextual timeline of suspicious human behavior that rolls up cross–cloud user activity into a singular Abnormal Behavior Case Timeline.

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Abnormal for Amazon Web Services

Analyze human behavior to protect AWS.

Abnormal for Microsoft Azure

Analyze human behavior to protect Azure cloud workloads.

Abnormal for Google Cloud Platform

Analyze human behavior to protect Google Cloud.
When we first started looking, Abnormal’s API-based approach really interested us. Abnormal also offered automation capabilities that could reduce the amount of manual work we had to do on investigations and remediation.”
— Jeremy Smith, CISO, Avery Dennison

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