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Learn what’s included in our platform and how it fuels our fundamentally different approach to cloud email security.
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Connect, Ingest, and Understand

The Abnormal platform integrates via API in seconds with Microsoft 365 and its 85+ associated apps, Google Workspace, cloud apps including Slack, Zoom, Workday, Salesforce, cloud infrastructure—AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform—as well as identity providers like Okta and Ping, and other security tools like CrowdStrike and Splunk.
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Aggregate Behavior Intelligence

Abnormal Knowledge Bases surface anomalous behavior and activity across your people, applications, tenants, vendors, and threat intelligence. Security analysts use this insight to hunt for threats and investigate potential incidents more quickly.
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Surface Impactful Insights

Abnormal provides the visibility and control security analysts need to investigate and remediate threats, with comprehensive attack insights and the ability to search for and respond to specific messages and campaigns.
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Integrate Your Security Ecosystem

Abnormal integrates easily into multiple security operations solutions, including SIEM, SOAR, and EDR/XDR platforms. These API-based integrations allow security teams to leverage Abnormal’s high-efficacy threat detection within existing response workflows.
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AI-Native and API-Based Architecture Focused on Human Behavior

Why Abnormal
Why Abnormal
Understand what makes Abnormal unique.
Products Overview
Products Overview
Uncover the full line of products to secure the cloud email platform and connected cloud applications and infrastructure.
Solutions Overview
Solutions Overview
See how Abnormal can solve your security problems.
Microsoft 365 covers a lot of bases. But it doesn't have the speciality Abnormal does to address threats that come from trusted sources like vendors.”
— Kirit Marvania, Digital Operations Director at Mace

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