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Replace your SEG with Abnormal for better protection, lower email security costs, and a platform built for now and the future.
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SEG Shortcomings Put Your Business at Risk

Stop Only Basic Attacks

Misses sophisticated attacks that don’t have known indicators of compromise.

Spend More on Operations

Tedious management combined with manual processes drain productivity.

Remain Exposed to Future Threats

Doesn’t catch emerging threats via email or adjacent channels.

Abnormal + Microsoft

Abnormal complements Microsoft’s native email security, allowing organizations to replace the SEG with a future-proofed solution that totally automates workflows and increases protection against the full spectrum of attacks. 65% of Abnormal customers have chosen to go without a legacy secure email gateway, and more security teams deprecate their SEG every day.
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Providing the Best SEG Displacement Solution

Cloud-Native, API-Based Architecture for Data Ingestion

Gives Abnormal access to tens of thousands of signals from Active Directory, Okta, CrowdStrike, and more to provide insight into user behavior and internal emails. It's easy to start in only three clicks, with no tuning or additional setup required.

AI-Based Behavioral Anomaly Detection Stops More Threats

Instantly builds per-user and per-organization detection models to create baselines and assesses each message based on identity, behavior, and conversational context analysis.

Unified Architecture for Multi-Channel Protection

Adapts to stop emerging threats, can be extended to protect email-like channels, and offers multiple API integrations into security workflows.

Benefits of Displacing Your SEG with Abnormal

Protect More

Stops the full spectrum of attacks, including costly and targeted BEC, vendor fraud, malware, and phishing.
Block Modern Attacks

Spend Less

Eliminates redundant software costs and fully automates email security operations.
Lower Your Email Security Spend

Secure the Future

Mitigates emerging email attack vectors including email account takeovers, attacks from third-party apps, and more.
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“I didn’t see the value that a SEG would provide on top of [our enterprise email] and Abnormal Security. We haven’t noticed any loss by not having a SEG, we just noticed gain. So I basically redeployed the budget I used to spend on the SEG to Abnormal Security.”
— Global Technology Services Director, Commodities
“Our executives and Board of Directors are commonly hit with significant amounts of phishing and BEC email attacks. Abnormal’s behavioral-based modeling and pattern recognition have been great in detecting and stopping those attacks. We are confident we have the right solution in place.”
Gopal Padinjaruveetil, CISO, Auto Club Group-AAA

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