Abnormal Cloud Email Security

Protect your employees from advanced email attacks with an API-based human behavior AI platform that ingests more unique data to better understand your organization.
Abnormal Cloud Email Security

Attackers use email to target and exploit your organization’s greatest vulnerability: humans. People trust digital communications, which makes everyone more susceptible to deception.

In addition, the shift to cloud email has increased opportunities for attackers, while generative AI adds sophistication and scale. Combined with the interconnected nature of cloud apps, protecting the human vulnerability is even more critical.

Traditional gateway-based architectures rely on threat intelligence modeling, which can only detect previously seen threats. This approach is blind to zero-day attacks that leverage business context to personalize content and more effectively target your organization. As a result, an AI-native, API-based platform is required to stop email
attacks today.

Abnormal Provides the #1 AI-Native Platform for Human Behavior Security

Leverages human behavior AI to stop the entire spectrum of attacks, from sophisticated phishing to complex socially-engineered threats.

Identifies subtle anomalies with AI to precisely detect account takeovers and automatically remediates compromised accounts to neutralize breaches.

Applies AI to automate the entire user-reported email workflow, with conversational AI-powered responses to personalize the employee experience.

Helps employees be more productive by automatically moving promotional graymail out of the inbox.

Gives visibility into configuration drifts across your cloud email environment, surfacing third-party application misconfigurations, elevated privileges, and other potential risks.

The Abnormal Advantage at a Glance

Provides holistic email protection: Behavioral AI adds deep understanding of what’s normal, detects nuanced threats, and identifies anomalies in communication patterns.

Accelerates AI automation: Fully automates security across the cloud-based email platform using advanced AI for threat detection and remediation.

Enables uniform cross-platform defense: Extends multi-layered security measures for consistent protection across communication channels and eliminates the need for redundant SEGs.

As a cloud-native, API-based email security platform, Abnormal leverages behavioral data science to stop the never-before-seen attacks that evade traditional security tools.

Where legacy email security solutions rely on rules and policies to identify attacks, Abnormal delivers a fundamentally different approach that precisely detects and then automatically remediates email threats.

Modern Cloud Security

The Abnormal Human Behavior AI Platform Protects Cloud Email with the Following Email Products:

Inbound Email Security: Stops sophisticated socially-engineered email attacks, like business email compromise and vendor fraud, with higher efficacy by leveraging human behavior AI.

Core Account Takeover Protection: Detects, disables, and remediates compromised accounts across email accounts.

Core Security Posture Management: Continuously discovers and mitigates permission and configuration risks across your cloud email.

AI Security Mailbox: Automatically investigates user-reported emails, remediates any related messages when needed, and responds to users with conversational AI for real-time security training content.

Email Productivity: Filters time-wasting emails from employee inboxes with an adaptive and policy-free approach.


Percentage of attacks blocked by Abnormal that secure email gateways miss.


The amount of losses from email supply chain compromises that were prevented by Abnormal in 2023.


The average annual risk mitigation savings for Fortune 500 customers.


Fortune 500 organizations trust Abnormal to protect their organizations from modern threats.

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Protect your organization from socially-engineered email attacks that target human behavior.
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