About Inbound Email Security

With Abnormal, security teams can now eliminate redundant email gateways and enhance Microsoft's built-in security capabilities.
About Inbound Email Security

Video Transcript

Gabriel Rebane, Group Technical Marketing Manager

Today’s email security infrastructure is complex, costly, and inadequate.

Organizations are stuck with multiple products and incompatible architectures, often forcing them to disable the cloud email platform native protection. And worse, they’re not working.

89% of organizations see a supply chain attack every week. With an average cost of $125,000 per attack, companies can no longer overlook the grim reality that secure email gateways were not designed to stop the advanced socially-engineered email attacks they face today.

In contrast, Abnormal was built to stop today’s modern attacks.

Once integrated via API, Abnormal ingests tens of thousands of signals from your cloud email platform, security solutions, and SaaS applications to understand employees, their behavior, relationships, communication patterns, and typical tone and content shared. Abnormal uses this per-user, per-organization understanding of normal behavior to detect anomalies and block the full spectrum of email attacks, including never before seen attacks with no traditional indicators of compromise.

Abnormal automatically detects and blocks malicious messages from reaching end users, eliminating the possibility of engagement.

And that’s not all.

Attackers often target vendors within your supply chain, using compromised accounts to target your organization. Abnormal’s federated VendorBase automatically identifies each of your vendors and continuously monitors them for risk, using indicators across the entire Abnormal customer base.

VendorBase provides clear visibility into your supply chain, eliminating the possibility of undetected email attacks that could cause significant loss to your organization. When an attack is detected, the platform provides an analysis of the attack using simple language.

Security teams can search every email message flagged by Abnormal, review trends, deep dive into attacks, or use search and respond capabilities to remediate misdirected messages in seconds.

And to make security teams more efficient, Abnormal brings together metrics across Microsoft, Google and secure email gateways to simplify reporting and providing you actionable insights about attacks—not just phishing, malware, and spam,but also targeted attacks like executive impersonation, invoice fraud, and account takeovers.

All of this makes Abnormal the solution that thousands of organizations trust, including more than 10% of the Fortune 500.

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