Abnormal for Microsoft 365

Complement native Microsoft defenses with precise, behavioral analysis-based protection against email and account takeover attacks.
Abnormal for Microsoft 365

Abnormal Cloud Email Security Benefits

Improves Email Security Posture

Abnormal improves the risk posture of cloud email environments by helping security teams understand and take action on configuration gaps–without manual efforts, spreadsheets, or PowerShell scripts.

Simplifies Email Security Architecture

Abnormal simplifies email and security architecture, eliminating the complexity of secure email gateways. Our modern, cloud-native solution integrates via API and deploys in minutes. No policies, transport rules, or change of MX records are required

Automates SOC Operations

Abnormal fully automates email triage, remediation, and reporting, bringing together all auto-detected and user-reported threats into a single interface. Analysts can use search and respond functionality to rapidly contain missed attacks or misdirected emails.

Protects Your Microsoft Teams Messages and Accounts

Abnormal monitors communication across group chats, teams, channels and direct messages to identify suspicious URLs and compromised accounts. It also dynamically monitors global admins and alerts security teams of changes that may indicate a threat.


Advanced Attack Detection

Stop attacks your SEG misses, like business email compromise, account takeovers, and more.

Better Visibility to Spot Security Gaps

Strengthen your security posture by identifying employees, apps, and vendors with high-risk behavioral patterns or configuration drift.

Fastest Path to Complete Protection

Streamlined management for Microsoft and Abnormal, plus native Outlook experience for users.

Get AI Protection for Your Human Interactions

Protect your organization from socially-engineered email attacks that target human behavior.
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