Email Productivity

Improve employee productivity and measure your time savings with adaptive graymail protection.
Email Productivity

Employees are overwhelmed by distracting promotional emails. This is especially true for executives, who receive 230% of the graymail of regular employees. Legacy solutions like email quarantines and spam digest summaries are frustrating for employees and cause upstream challenges for IT teams, who must deal with the tickets and complaints users raise.

Email Productivity provides the solution.

  • Applies the same advanced behavioral AI, NLP, and NLU that helps detect and remediate the most sophisticated email-borne attacks to the challenge of time-wasting email.
  • Moves graymail out of inboxes and into a Promotions folder in Microsoft 365, removing the need for end-user quarantines or digest summaries.
  • Utilizes an API-based approach to surface unique productivity insights on user engagement, open rates, folder movements, and the productivity and time impact of limiting graymail on the business.
  • Self-learns each user’s preference with adaptive graymail management based on how they engage with emails and move them from their inboxes to promotions folders.


Reduction in inbox volume from graymail kept out of users’ inboxes.


Average number of graymail messages kept out of executives’ inboxes monthly.


Average number of graymail messages kept out of employees’ inboxes weekly.

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