CISO Guide to Email Platform Attacks

Discover how to prevent new and evolving email platform attacks that bypass inbound email to reach your inbox.
CISO Guide to Email Platform Attacks

Email platform attacks are a rising threat, accounting for more than $4 million in losses. The most common types of threats include malicious actors compromising accounts and bypassing MFA requirements, integrating malicious apps or taking advantage of over-permissioned apps, and enabling privilege escalation via insider threats.

Preventing these attacks requires a proactive approach to cloud email security. It’s crucial for organizations to adopt a modern security solution that includes an effective security posture management product in order to detect and prevent future attacks.

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  • How various forms of email platform attacks are compromising your cloud platform

  • What impacts these attacks have on your employees and your organization

  • Why these attacks succeed and how to stop them from infiltrating your environment

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