Why Security Posture Management is Crucial for Cloud Email

Learn about the cyber risks associated with more robust, complex cloud email platforms and how security posture management can reduce your vulnerabilities.

Cloud email platforms are a cornerstone of an organization’s digital environment. The ability to integrate mission-critical third-party applications and improve the speed at which employees can communicate and collaborate can greatly improve organizational productivity.

The drawback, however, is with more robust, complex cloud email platforms comes the potential for security gaps. Threat actors can exploit lax and misconfigured security policies to bypass MFA and abuse API integrations in order to breach cloud email platforms in ways that are difficult to detect.

This is why security posture management is more important than ever before.

In this on-demand recording of our latest “Abnormal Demo Day”, Anthony Coggins, Acrisure’s Sr. Manager, Security Operations, and Mick Leach, Abnormal Security’s Security Operations Manager, discuss the problems that effective posture management solves for email security, including:

  • Addressing the rise of email platform attacks

  • Solving the configuration visibility problem security teams often face

  • Enhancing investigation by enriching security event data

Watch the webinar to learn why security posture management is essential for cloud email environments.

Why Security Posture Management is Crucial for Cloud Email

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