abnormal security platform features

Additional Platform Features

Get actionable insights across the email security controls provided by Microsoft and Google.

Provide fine-grained access to members of your team.

Integrated Dashboards For Actionable Insights

abnormal dashboard attacks categorized by type

Attack Trends Categorized By Type

Learn about the various attack strategies and which vectors bad actors are using to breach your organization, along with their counts, over any specified time period.

Use these insights to better arm your organization against specific threats using training, tools, and best practices.

abnormal dashboard of most impersonated and attacked users

Identifies Most-Impersonated and Attacked End Users

See which employees are most commonly impersonated in mail attacks, and those who receive the most attacks.

These insights can help you prepare your organization, and these targeted employees, for the typical types of attacks they receive.

abnormal dashboard identifying most attacked departments

Identifies Most-Attacked Departments

See which departments were most attacked within a specified time period.

Use this information to create targeted programs that train and equip teams to recognize and report malicious threats.

Data Privacy and Fine-Grained Access

abnormal dashboard data privacy and access controls

Set Role-Based Access Controls

Set access for analysts at the sub-tenant level, and select precisely what they have access to. Options include:

  • No Access
  • Read-Only Access
  • Read and Write Access

To protect end-users’ email content, you may also toggle access to email content. When turned off, analysts will only be able to see email headers.

A 09 trust center 2x

Comprehensive Security and Privacy Practices

We are committed to providing secure products that support compliance and build trust.

Incorporate AI and Automate Your SOC Workflows

Integrate with SIEM, SOAR, ITSM, and IAM solutions to centralize security insights, and reporting to streamline workflows, automate processes, and orchestrate remediation workflows.


Augment your SIEM with metadata and risk scores for better attack correlation.


Trigger playbooks when users engage with bad email or compromised accounts.


Create tickets for compromised accounts or when users engage with bad emails.

Identity Access Management

Log in to Abnormal via SSO


Our bi-directional architecture helps you set up your own custom integrations quickly and simply.

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Prevent the Attacks That Matter Most

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