Platform Features

  • The open design of cloud email platforms boosts collaboration but provides new channels for attacks to exploit.
  • With advanced behavioral AI, Abnormal Security stops the full spectrum of attacks, helping customers protect more and secure the future.

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API Integration

Abnormal's API-based approach to integration gives access to thousands of contextual signals invisible to other solutions. This enables Abnormal to correlate user identity, behavior indicators, and email content to detect the full spectrum of attacks.


AppBase provides a directory of applications integrated into your cloud email environment. You can drill down to learn more about each application, including current app permissions.


PeopleBase provides a directory of each active user in your cloud email environment, building dynamic behavioral profiles based on user activity.


Abnormal provides a directory of all vendors that an organization collaborates with via email, assigning a risk score based on a given vendor's communication activity across.


TenantBase highlights changes to mail tenant configurations, including conditional access policy changes that could introduce risk into the cloud email environment.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) allows security teams to ensure Abnormal Portal users maintain the appropriate level of access to the Portal, features, data, and email content.

Tenant Management

With self-service tenant management, administrators can add new tenants from directly within the Abnormal Portal, automating the steps to integration.

Notification and Alerts

Abnormal administrators can receive automated notifications across a range of email categories - from weekly threat and graymail updates to alerts on user-reported phishing attempts and potential account takeover.

Audit Log

Provides a granular Portal audit log to meet audit requests and investigate potential risks if unauthorized users have been granted access.


Abnormal provides visual reports of historical attack metrics along with deeper insights and trending data across the Portal.

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