Security Posture Management

Discover and fix key security configuration risks across email and SaaS apps
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Cloud Configurations are a Security Blind Spot

New Risks

Attackers are exploiting configuration gaps across user accounts, cloud applications, and email platforms.

Lack of Visibility

Security teams struggle to get a centralized view of posture changes in complex cloud environments to accurately determine risk.


Security teams must manually audit and track security posture in an increasingly complex environment.

How Abnormal Empowers Security Teams with Security Posture Management

Builds Behavioral Profiles Across the Environment with Autonomous AI

Abnormal’s AI creates bespoke behavioral profiles for all humans, connected applications, and tenants, developing a behavioral baseline across all cloud entities. In Security Posture Management, Abnormal operationalizes this data to surface high-impact changes to user privileges, app permissions, and tenant security policies that could lead to increased risk.

Continuously Monitors for Configuration Drifts

Abnormal continuously surfaces high-impact changes for connected user accounts, tenants, and applications—and scores each change based on risk. With one click, security teams can see the context of the change and identify the appropriate next steps. No more quarterly audits, spreadsheets, or PowerShell scripts to identify new risks in your environment.

Alerts on High-Risk Activity

Abnormal provides immediate alerts on high-risk posture changes, including integrated applications gaining read/write access to VIP mailboxes, new administrators added to the environment, SaaS app users gaining elevated privileges, and changes to mail tenant conditional access policies. With this information, security teams can take the appropriate downstream action to mitigate potential risks.

Facilitates Focused Action on Posture Gaps

Abnormal provides a dashboard where analysts can review new configuration changes and clear those that are relatively low risk. This allows security teams to focus on high-risk and meaningful events while acknowledging lower-impact or expected changes. Further, any changes associated with a compromised user are analyzed in Abnormal Account Takeover Protection Cases to bolster threat investigation and response.

See How Email Security Posture Management Works

Dynamic Monitoring
Surface high-impact changes to the users, apps, and mail tenants that make up the cloud email environment.
Contextual Change Insights
Drill down into changes to get a before-and-after view and links to Knowledge Base entries for affected entities.
Response Workflows
Mark each change in an acknowledgment workflow, schedule email notifications, and export events to the SIEM.

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I love the fact that the Security Posture Management solution quickly and easily reduces our security risks in our cloud email tenant with continuous behavioral monitoring of changes made by our people and third-party application permissions that may be too broad.”
— Matt Manire, Executive Director of Information Security, Gateway Church

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