The State of Email Security in an AI-Powered World

Discover how cybersecurity leaders are adapting to an increasingly AI-driven threat landscape in this report.
The State of Email Security in an AI-Powered World

The advent of generative AI has transformed the way modern organizations operate. While many business users are adopting tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard to enhance productivity, cybercriminals are also capitalizing on this technology—resulting in more attacks with increased sophistication.

To understand how organizations are recognizing the escalating threat and acknowledging the need for AI-powered defenses, we surveyed 300 cybersecurity leaders. Nearly half of which confirmed the presence of AI-generated attacks in their email environments, and another 33.6% suspect the presence of such attacks.

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  • How cybersecurity leaders are thinking about generative AI’s impact on the email threat landscape

  • Which AI-generated attacks cybersecurity leaders are seeing most frequently in their organizations

  • How leaders plan to use AI-powered solutions to combat these rising threats

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