Augmenting Your Microsoft 365 Email Security Infrastructure

See how Microsoft + Abnormal allows you to protect against more attacks while removing your secure email gateway.
Augmenting Your Microsoft 365 Email Security Infrastructure

Moving to the cloud has many benefits, including increased productivity and a more agile way of doing business. But it also has security consequences, as legacy tools can no longer protect against today’s modern attacks.

A new approach is needed—one that allows you to take full advantage of the native capabilities provided by your investment in the Microsoft platform.

Download Augmenting Your Microsoft 365 Email Security Infrastructure to learn:

  • What native email protections are included in Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Defender for Office 365 (MDO)

  • Which advanced attacks are slipping through the cracks in native security

  • Why supplementing Microsoft 365 is the most cost-effective approach to closing the email security gap

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