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Gain unprecedented visibility, control, and protection across everyday cloud applications.
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Security teams lack cross-platform visibility into notable user activities and quick ways to apply control—especially when the apps are owned by other teams.

Integrate Cloud Apps In Under Five Minutes

Security teams can now use Abnormal's Data Integration Platform to enhance their deployment with 15 new platform integrations—including Okta, Salesforce, ServiceNow, AWS, and Workday—all with the quick and easy integration experience that Abnormal is known for.
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Superior Cross-Platform Visibility

Abnormal automatically unifies all cloud identities into a consolidated Abnormal profile within PeopleBase, even across multiple tenants and domains. PeopleBase profiles show cross-application privileges, derived insights by Abnormal AI, and a cross-platform identity timeline of notable events, including authentication events and privileged actions.
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One-Click Identity Access Termination

Security teams now have quick and direct access to many cloud applications. Abnormal’s consolidated view of a cloud identity and notable events can help with incident response. For cloud account takeover incidents, Abnormal will now provide a one-click “Identity Disconnect” button, which will terminate sessions, reset passwords, and block access across platforms.

Enhance Existing Abnormal Products

Customers can enhance the efficacy of Abnormal AI detection in email by integrating more platforms, which enables the platform to see more context and learn behavioral insights for users. By understanding key pieces of information like who the administrators of Workday are and how often a user logs into Salesforce, Abnormal can better understand and protect each customer's environment.

Customer Benefits

Provides superior visibility to see notable user activity across platforms.
Allows access to apps you need to protect but may not administer.
Accelerates investigations and incident response.
Enriches your existing Abnormal products with behavioral data.
“Abnormal's AI gives us a way to automatically gain visibility that we didn't have before, seeing who is accessing which application and monitoring activity across our entire cloud environment. Abnormal gives us confidence that if something's amiss, we'll see it immediately."
— CISO, Fortune 1000 Retailer
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