ABX: Abnormal Behavior Technology

Discover how Abnormal Behavior Technology (ABX) leverages innovative AI techniques to detect and mitigate targeted email attacks.
ABX: Abnormal Behavior Technology

Email has been the leading attack vector for cyberattacks for years. Despite an increase in the adoption of security tools and overall employee awareness, losses from advanced email attacks continue to grow.

Clearly, a new approach is needed to defend enterprises and reclaim confidence and trust in email. Abnormal Behavior Technology (ABX) is the core of the Abnormal platform, leveraging a behavioral AI engine to provide a revolutionary approach to detecting email attacks. ABX understands identity, context, and risk to detect malicious activity and detect threats across the email platform.

Download ABX: Abnormal Behavior Technology to learn:

  • Why traditional email security solutions don't catch socially-engineered attacks

  • How behavioral AI can be used to detect and remediate even the most sophisticated email attacks

  • How Abnormal Behavior Technology looks beyond email data to arrive at high-confidence decisions and block targeted email attacks

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