Speaker Stephen Dougherty

Stephen Dougherty

Financial Fraud Investigator

Stephen Dougherty's career as a Financial Fraud Investigator, in support of the federal government, has played a pivotal role in criminal investigations surrounding cyber-enabled financial crime, money laundering, human trafficking, identity theft, healthcare fraud, embezzlement, tax/government program fraud, dark web crimes, and more.

Stephen’s main area of expertise is in combatting money laundering in all its forms. Aside from this, Stephen has been proactive in identifying new and future trends in the world of financial crime, including the rise of business email compromise, as well as the rise of the dark web and the use of virtual currency as a vehicle for the facilitation of financial crimes.

B Pig Butchering BEC and More Cybercrime Predictions for 2024
Discover the alarming $10 billion cybercrime losses in 2022, fueled by investment fraud and BEC, and hear predictions for the FBI's 2023 numbers from the Secret Service.
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