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Discover the most engaging phishing email subjects, according to Abnormal data, and how to protect your organization from these scams.
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B Look alike Domain Tactics
Learn 6 common look-alike domain tactics, some of the ways attackers use look-alike domains, and steps you can take to reduce your risk.
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It’s 2023 but not much has changed in phishing, as brand impersonation remains an attacker favorite.
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B Phishing
Knowing what to do after receiving a phishing attack is essential for preventing costly consequences. Learn how to respond to phishing attacks.
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B Phishing is Your Biggest Cybersecurity Problem
Phishing attacks are a much larger issue than many organizations realize. Here are 5 reasons why you need to make preventing phishing a priority.
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B Chat GPT
Discover the potential security risks of generative models like ChatGPT and how Abnormal keeps you protected.
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Types of phishing blog cover
Phishing is one of the most common and costly cyberattacks in cybersecurity. But there isn't just one type of phishing attack.
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Blog cover email password leak
Email password leaks happen after a compromised account or a data breach. A single password leak can jeopardize an entire database. You need to adhere to password best practices with a strong email security program.
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Blog what do phishing emails cover
Phishing attacks are on the rise; the FBI reports that such attacks cost $52 million in 2022, and phishing has been the most common cybercrime reported to the IC3 since 2019. If you're one of the many people targeted by a phishing email, you're not alone.
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The phishing email is one of the oldest and most successful types of cyberattacks. Attackers have long used phishing as a common attack vector to steal sensitive information or credentials from their victims. While most phishing emails are relatively simple to spot, the number of successful attacks has grown in recent years.
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The threat actor behind the SolarWinds attack, the Russian-based Nobelium, has orchestrated another successful vendor email compromise attack, this time targeting the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). According to Microsoft’s...
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As the details emerge on the ransomware attack that sent a major U.S. oil pipeline operated by Colonial Pipeline offline for a week, what we do know is that the likelihood the attack emerged from a malicious phishing email attack is extremely high. Earlier this week...
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Cyber threats are constantly evolving. Cybersecurity teams are most effective when they deploy defenses that protect against the threats that pose the greatest risk at any given time. Socially-engineered attacks—one of the most financially damaging threats...
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