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Director of Content Marketing

Jade Hill is the Director of Content Marketing at Abnormal Security, where she runs strategic vision and execution of company-wide content marketing. She oversees the editorial process, manages contributors to the Abnormal Blog, and runs content programs for research reports, white papers, and more. Prior to joining Abnormal, she spent years in email security at Agari, and also worked in content at Facebook and BlueJeans Network. When not writing about advanced email threats, she spends her time biking on her Peloton, hanging out with her pets—Pumba, Timon, and Rafiki—and staying awake far too late reading thrillers.

B 04 08 22 Supply Chain
The risk of supply chain compromise (also known as vendor email compromise or VEC) continues to increase. Our latest research uncovered some startling statistics about these attacks.
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B 04 06 22 BEC threat report
Business email compromise (BEC) attacks have increased considerably over the past 6 months. Here’s how cybercriminals are changing their targets and tactics.
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Blog isc credits cover
You can now earn CPE credits by viewing our cybersecurity on-demand webinars, which will provide insight into the latest trends and help you develop new skillsets.
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Blog phone fraud cover
Today, Abnormal released our H1 2022 Email Threat Report, focused on data from July to December 2021. Over the course of those six months, we tracked a relatively new form of cyber attack—phone fraud that starts via email.
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Blog what do phishing emails cover
Phishing attacks are on the rise; the FBI reports that such attacks cost $54 billion in 2020, and phishing complaints increased by a whopping 110% from 2019 to 2020. If you're one of the many people targeted by a phishing email, you're not alone.
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Blog phishing cover
The phishing email is one of the oldest and most successful types of cyberattacks. Attackers have long used phishing as a common attack vector to steal sensitive information or credentials from their victims. While most phishing emails are relatively simple to spot, the number of successful attacks has grown in recent years.
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Blog microsoft abnormal cover
Before we jump into modern threats, I think it’s important to set the stage ​​since email has been around. Since email existed, threat actors targeted email users with malicious messages, general spam, and different ways to take advantage of the platform. Then of course, more dangerous attacks started to come up… things like malware and other viruses.
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Blog rising building
There is little doubt that business email compromise and other advanced email threats are causing significant damage–both financial and reputational—to organizations worldwide. Because these never-before-seen attacks contain few indicators of compromise, they evade secure email gateways and other traditional email infrastructure...
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Blog dark keyboard
Business email compromise (BEC) is the most significant cybersecurity threat to enterprise organizations, with $1.8 billion in reported losses in 2020 alone. This type of email attack occurs when a cybercriminal uses social engineering to impersonate a trusted contact...
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