Launching Abnormal Intelligence to Provide Insight into Emerging Attacks

Introducing Abnormal Intelligence—your go-to resource for expert insights into emerging cyber threats and email attack trends.
August 10, 2022

Since our inception, Abnormal Security has been dedicated to one mission: fighting cybercrime. Our email security platform stops the socially-engineered and never-seen-before email attacks that evade traditional security solutions. Stopping everything from business email compromise to vendor fraud to ransomware, Abnormal is focused on protecting organizations worldwide from the most dangerous and financially-damaging attacks.

Still, we recognize that fighting cybercrime means more than simply providing software. With that in mind, we sought to provide a location where our customers and the larger community could turn for insight into new attacks, information about the latest trends in cybercrime, and actionable advice for how to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Abnormal Intelligence, a research and data hub focused on providing insight into new and emerging cyber threats. With new content published daily, we hope you’ll find this resource useful in understanding what types of attacks could be targeting your organization.

On the Abnormal Intelligence website, you’ll find:

  • Unique Attacks. See the most unique and interesting attacks uncovered by Abnormal, with full insight into how cloud email security solutions can stop them. We’ll post these daily, so check back often for more!

  • Threat Intel Research. Browse through a catalog of blog posts, white papers, and webinars to learn the latest about trends in the email threat landscape. While you’re there, check out our H2 2022 Email Threat Report released today, full of insight into the latest trends in brand impersonation, business email compromise, and more.

  • Attack Glossary. Get a full overview of each attack type shown in our Unique Attacks section, with answers to common questions about each.

Understanding the threat actors behind these emerging attacks and their current methodologies makes it easier to predict shifts in their strategies and adjust accordingly. With Abnormal Intelligence, you can discover new threats, research the latest tactics, and ensure you’re prepared with the information you need to better protect your organization.

Visit Abnormal Intelligence today and start learning how to keep your workforce safe from today’s biggest threats. And to have the most pertinent content delivered directly to your inbox, be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter—no marketing spam included, promise!

Launching Abnormal Intelligence to Provide Insight into Emerging Attacks

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