B AI Series
Discover how Abnormal's advanced AI models are used to detect abnormalities in email behavior and protect organizations from the most sophisticated email attacks.
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B Nigerian Prince
Scams about the Nigerian Prince that promise millions have been around for decades. But they are transitioning, now using ChatGPT and similar tools to seem more convincing.
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B Fraud GPT
Discover how FraudGPT works, how it differs from other generative AI models, and the impact it has on cybersecurity.
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B 8 15 23 Glossary
Explore this glossary of need-to-know artificial intelligence terms to better understand AI and its uses. From Abnormal Security.
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B 7 24 23 Worm GPT
Discover the threat of WormGPT, a powerful blackhat form of generative AI for cybercriminals, and how it differs from ChatGPT.
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B 7 14 23 Gen A Ipng
Generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard are already being used by cybercriminals for BEC attacks, phishing, and malware. Here's how to combat email-based attacks.
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B 6 27 23 Chat Attacks
ChatGPT and other generative AI tools can be used to craft highly convincing phishing emails and social engineering scams. Here's how to spot them and fight back.
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Gen AI blog cover
New attacks stopped by Abnormal show how attackers are using ChatGPT and similar tools to create more realistic and convincing email attacks.
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B Chat GPT
Discover the potential security risks of generative models like ChatGPT and how Abnormal keeps you protected.
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B 12 12 22 Chat GPT
Discover how ChatGPT can be used by threat actors to run business email compromise schemes and other email attacks.
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