Dan shiebler

Dan Shiebler

Head of Machine Learning

Dan Shiebler is the Head of Machine Learning at Abnormal, responsible for leading a team of 40+ detection and ML engineers in building the data processing and ML layers in Abnormal’s platform. Prior to Abnormal, Dan worked at Twitter, first as a staff machine learning engineer in Cortex, and later as the manager of the web ads machine learning team. Before Twitter, Dan worked as a senior data scientist at Truemotion, where he developed smartphone sensor algorithms to price car insurance. He has a Ph.D. in machine learning from the University of Oxford.

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New attacks stopped by Abnormal show how attackers are using ChatGPT and similar tools to create more realistic and convincing email attacks.
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Discover the potential security risks of generative models like ChatGPT and how Abnormal keeps you protected.
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Discover how the Abnormal attack detection team utilizes feature systems, advanced language models, and per-customer understanding in our approach to machine learning in cybersecurity.
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We are excited to share that Abnormal has recently deployed a BERT Large Language Model (LLM), pretrained from Google on a large corpus of data, and applied it to stop advanced attacks.
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In episode 9 of Abnormal Engineering Stories, Dan sits down with Mukund Narasimhan to discuss his perspective on productionizing machine learning.
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At Abnormal, we pride ourselves on our excellent machine learning engineering team. Here are some patterns we use to distinguish between effective and ineffective ML engineers.
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Here at Abnormal, our machine learning models help us spot trends and abnormalities in customer data in order to catch and prevent cyberattacks.
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