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Dallas Young

Senior Technical Marketing Manager

Dallas Young is an innovative Senior Technical Marketing Manager at Abnormal Security. He has over twenty years of IT security industry experience, with a unique blend of marketing, sales, security architecture, and consulting. He honed his skillset across diverse industries including technology, oil and gas, and aviation in a variety of technical and business roles.

Dallas is passionate about cybersecurity, having specialized in email security at organizations such as McAfee (Secure Computing), Proofpoint, and FireEye/Mandiant over the years.

B 12 03 22 SIEM
Learn about Abnormal’s enhanced SIEM export schema, which provides centralized visibility into email threats
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Blog automation workflows cover
Our newest platform capabilities help customers streamline critical security workflows, like triaging phishing mailbox submissions or triggering tickets to investigate account takeovers, through automated playbooks. Doing so can decrease mean time to respond (MTTR) to incidents, further reducing any potential risk to the organization and eliminating manual workflows to save time and increase the efficiency of IT and security teams.
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Blog detection efficacy cover
One of the key objectives of the Abnormal platform is to provide the highest precision detection to block all never-before-seen attacks. This ranges from socially-engineered attacks to account takeovers to everyday spam, and the platform does it without customers needing to create countless rules like with traditional secure email gateways.
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Blog siem integration cover
Abnormal is focused on our customers, which is why we’re continually updating our product based on customer feedback. Our newest platform capabilities help customers maximize existing security investments with several integrations that will allow security operation centers (SOCs) to better respond to security events and align with internal workflows.
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Compromised account detection cover
One of our key objectives at Abnormal is to provide the highest precision detection to block all never-before-seen attacks. We stop a wide range of threats, encompassing everything from social engineering attacks and business email compromise to everyday spam, and we do it without requiring customers to create countless rules, as is the case with traditional secure email gateways.
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Cover automated ato
With an increase in threat actor attention toward compromising accounts, Abnormal is focused on protecting our customers from this potentially high-profile threat. We are pleased to announce that our new Automated Account Takeover (ATO) Remediation functionality is available.
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