Earn Your CPE Credits with Abnormal

You can now earn CPE credits by viewing our cybersecurity on-demand webinars, which will provide insight into the latest trends and help you develop new skillsets.
March 25, 2022

Earning a cybersecurity certification is one of the best ways to accelerate your career, validating your experience and unlocking a variety of exclusive resources and networking opportunities. For information security professionals, the Certified Information Security Systems Professional, or CISSP, is one of the most sought-after professional certifications. Since it was first introduced in 1994 by (ISC)², an international, nonprofit membership association and arguably the world’s leading cybersecurity professional organization, more than 140,000 professionals have completed the certification.

Those who complete the certification program must continue expanding their skillset with continuing education credits. Abnormal is proud to partner with (ISC)² to provide opportunities for you to complete those credits as an official CPE Partner.

Earn (ISC)² CPE Credits in Email Security

To maintain your (ISC)² certification, you must earn a certain number CPE credits each year, and now Abnormal can help. You can now earn CPE credits by viewing our cybersecurity on-demand webinars, which will provide insight into the latest trends and help you develop new skillsets.

Check out one of our most recent webinars to start earning CPE credits today.

CISO Fireside Chats

The Email Threat Landscape

Threat Intelligence

Once you watch the webinar, fill out this form to receive your CPE credits.

We look forward to continuing to provide you opportunities to earn your credits for (ISC)². Keep an eye on our events page for updates on upcoming opportunities to learn with Abnormal.

Earn Your CPE Credits with Abnormal

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