New Year, New Threats: 5 Reasons to Attend Vision 2024

Register for Abnormal's cybersecurity conference to hear from Kevin O’Leary, Keren Elazari, and the Secret Service, and get a head start on your ISC2 CPE credits.
January 4, 2024

The new year is officially here, which means we’re only a few days away from Vision 2024—the only virtual cybersecurity conference focused on how AI is changing the threat landscape. This half-day event will be held entirely online on Thursday, January 11, and features an incredible lineup of presenters, all of whom will be speaking about how they expect the world to change in the coming year.

Not registered yet? You’re missing out! Here are a few reasons why we’re personally excited about Vision 2024 and why we think you should go register now.

1. Go Beyond the AI Buzzword

There is no denying that AI was the talk of the town (and the Internet) in 2023, and the intense focus on it is only expected to increase in 2024. But are you confident that you understand how AI will change the threat landscape, your security strategy, and even your day-to-day work in the coming year?

At Vision, you’ll get an in-depth look at both the positive and negative applications of AI to help give you a clearer picture of this transformative technology. You’ll learn how cybercriminals are using generative AI to launch more sophisticated attacks and how AI can complement your existing security infrastructure. You’ll also get real-world advice on how you can use AI to increase efficiency and decrease your risk.

Kicking off the cybersecurity conference will be investor Kevin O’Leary, best known for his role as Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank. During our opening keynote, he’ll speak with Abnormal President Michael DeCesare, discussing how he’s thinking about his financial investments in AI and why everyone should consider implementing AI technology to stay relevant.

2. Earn Your CPE Credits

Maintaining ISC2 certification offers a variety of benefits—from supporting professional development to creating valuable networking opportunities. If you made a resolution not to procrastinate on earning your ISC2 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits this year, what better way to start 2024 than by checking off some of those requirements?

Attendees of Vision 2024 will receive one credit hour for (almost) every session watched, which means you can earn up to four CPE credits for attending the full event. And it gets better… on-demand sessions are also eligible for CPE credits, so even if you cannot attend live, you can watch the recordings later and still earn credits.

Plus, with our multiple tracks, you have the option of earning even more credits post-event—for a total of up to six hours.

3. Receive Career Advice from CISOs

The start of a new year is also the perfect time to evaluate your career trajectory. If you’re working toward a promotion or even considering a career change, do you know what you need to do now to continue advancing your professional growth in 2024?

During our CISO panel, executives from Domino’s, Choice Hotels, and the NFL will share their thoughts on the current state of cybersecurity, how they’re adjusting their security strategies to respond to AI, and what they wish they had known earlier in their careers.

With details about how these highly targeted organizations are protecting their employees and customers, insight into what they expect to change in the coming year, and advice for everyone pursuing a CISO role in the future, this is bound to be one of our best sessions.

4. Learn How Hackers Are Using AI

The goal of Vision 2024 is to empower cybersecurity professionals to better understand the future of the attack landscape by offering sessions on a variety of topics that provide attendees with comprehensive insights into the threats and opportunities created by AI. For example, in addition to an opening keynote examining why to invest in AI-powered cybersecurity in 2024, our cybersecurity conference explores what could happen if you don’t take that advice.

In our closing keynote, ethical hacker Keren Elazari, best known for her famous TED Talk on why we actually need hackers, will showcase how cybercriminals are using AI to their advantage. She’ll dive into specific use cases, show how generative AI can create malicious emails and malware at scale, and provide real-world examples of how cybercrime has evolved over the last year—and where it may be going next.

5. Uncover New Tools for Your 2024 Cybersecurity Strategy

No cybersecurity conference would be complete without a deep dive into the various tools and technologies that will make your organization more secure (and your life easier) in the coming year. Be sure to attend our sponsor sessions, where leaders from CrowdStrike, Cyera, and Dazz will share their predictions for how AI will change the threat landscape this year and how their tools can help you stay safe from these ever-evolving threats.

In platinum sponsor CrowdStrike’s session, Joel Spurlock, VP of Data Science, will discuss how to win the AI arm’s race and why securing your endpoints is vital to success. You’ll also hear from a panel of CISOs, who will explain why data security continues to be a hot topic, the role of AI in protecting data, and how they secure data in their organizations. And finally, be sure to watch Tomer Schwartz, CTO and co-founder of Dazz, present his vision of autonomous cloud security automation and how Dazz can get you there faster.

Register Now and Join Us!

We may be biased, but we think these are some pretty good reasons to attend… so what are you waiting for? Vision 2024 is happening in one week, and we promise that it will be packed full of great conversation, insightful information, and some of the best sessions you’ll see this year. Register now to save your seat and join us live on January 11. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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New Year, New Threats: 5 Reasons to Attend Vision 2024

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